Aug 22, 2008

First Day After LASIK

For all my fellow bloggers and secret readers,
I know I'm been slacking off updating my blog,
Life's been hectic here (well, I guess that's probably the same case for people over age 18),
Let's see, relationships, families, friends, food,
Yes food, I'm been trying to figure out what to cook so I can write about it here,
But due to the lack of use of my brain, it's not working properly these days,
Besides that,
My laziness was creeping on me,
For example,
I got a watermelon, some grapes and coconut milk the other day,
Thought that I can at least make some jellies and put it on the blog,
Many days after....I saw fuzzy things on my grapes....
Ahhhh wasting food is a sin!

So what's another excuse for my absent for so many days?
Well, someone slashed my cornea wide open last night and attacked me with laser beams!!!
Seriously, I'm not joking here,
I just had my LASIK done yesterday!
And what am I doing now?
Updating my blog the day right after LASIK,
Cz I miss you guys!!!!

I have to take good care of my eyes for at least couple weeks,
That means avoiding smoke and other dangers around the kitchen,
So before I can really write about more recipes,
Let me show you that status of my eyes then.
This is that I had to put on the day of my LASIK operation,
The nurse kept correcting me earlier cz I was saying "surgery" instead of "operation."
According to her,
She said there's no blood, no wound, so you can only call it an "operation."
Me: okok just chill.....she was making such a big deal out of it....

Kinda fun,
Felt like I was wearing goggles for snowboard,
Except that it's sizzling hot summer time now,
With eyes that are super teary and extremely sensitive to sunlight,
I was more like a vampire.

So I had to test my LASIK result this morning,
See if my eyes really improve after all that slashing and laser beams,
As I went outside to the balcony,
Then I saw Mr. Spiderman hanging between the trees,
Without glasses, contact lenses, or telescope-

And Mrs. Crow strolling next to the sidewalk on the other side of the street-

Here's the full picture to show you the full view from the balcony,
Can you point out where were Mr. Spiderman and the Mrs. Crow?-

Give me a few more days,
I'll bring out more delicious updates that you can munch on!


  1. Wow, you are a trooper blogger to blog the day after you get LASIK sur--operation!

    It's neat that you can see so far and without anything like glasses or contacts. Ah, I still miss those days! My contacts are drying out and stinging a little now as I write this...

    Take care of your eyes! I look forward to what you're going to eat next!


  2. To Ivan~
    Thank you so much!
    It's a good feeling to burn down all my old contact lenses and glasses!

  3. hoho!!!

    i had my lasik done a couple of yrs ago and loving it

    i love not having to put on contact lenses of getting headaches from my super heavy glasses (which were already ultra light, no frame, nothing, plastic T_T)

  4. To Mochachocolata Rita~
    It's amazing that so many people actually got Lasik done already,
    It's wonderful, I'm loving it here too!

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