Oct 20, 2008

Western Dumplings - with Sausage, Cheese, and Corn!

What do you eat when you don't have time to cook?
Why do I ask?
Because things are getting busier and busier for me,
There's no way that I'll have time to cook a big meal every time my stomach grumbles.
(Big meal to me = 3 dishes with rice or noodles)

I have to stock up some "instant" food at home to solve my empty stomach crisis,
Of course I can just drive somewhere for food,
But sometimes the only thing I wanna do after 8 hours of work is staying at home, doing nothing.
So starving or not,
I'd rather lay down on the couch with my soft and comfortable pajamas instead of driving around preying for a meal.

So what are my options?
Instant noodles? Mmmm I'm not sure if this is a health choice for me.
Canned soup? Sure, but only when it's on sale. Call me cheap if you want, but I don't feel like spending $4 on a small bowl of liquid.
What about frozen food? I don't mind munching on no preservative kind of frozen food once a while,
But there is one issue here,
It seems like that little box of frozen food can never fill me up,
The container is always huge...and it comes with almost invisible portion of food sitting in the middle..

So that's it? Nothing else?
How about dumplings?
That sounds like a good idea,
I can make the filling myself so that there's no need to worry about eating unhealthy ingredients,
What's even better is that I can just make a whole bunch and freeze them all,
Whenever I'm hungry, I'll just pop a few in a pot of boiling water,
My instant dinner can be ready in no time!
You can see my previous post for dumpling recipe here.

After making 80 dumplings, all my fillings are gone, but there are 10 more dumpling skin left,
---Taking a peek of my fridge---
You can see a light bulb suddenly popped out on the top of my head,
Let's use those leftover skin and make something....interesting!

Western dumplings with sausage, cheese, and corn filling-

Ingredients (for 10)?

10 dumpling skin
1 sausage (choose the flavor of your preference)
2 spoonful of corn
1 palmful of shredded mozzarella
1 palmful of shredded Parmesan
Extra virgin olive oil


First we remove the casing from the sausage,
Mix the meat with mozzarella, Parmesan, and corn till well blended.

You know how to make dumplings right?
If not, well, here's one video I found one on YouTube that might be a good help for you.

After making all 10 dumplings,
Let's prepare a skillet (use the one that comes with a lid),
Drizzle some olive oil and brush it evenly inside the skillet,
Place all the dumplings to the skillet, make sure they're not sticking with each other.
Now let's pour some water till about 1/3 of the dumpling is submerge in the water,
Turn the heat on and wait until it boils,
Once it starts boiling, put the lid back on, turn to medium heat, cook till no more water is present.
Make sure you use a spatula to scoop out the dumplings from the bottom,
That way You can be sure that the dumpling won't break,
So that you keep all the melted cheese safely inside,
And you can also get a crusty bottom!

It's an interesting use of Chinese dumpling skin,
Spring roll/egg roll skin can be used this way too,
Actually it's even better,
Give it a try sometime, I think it makes a perfect snack for kids!

Cindy's Rating: 6


  1. An empty stomach crisis!? My God!
    We must find a remedy! :-)

    Nice western dumplings. I like!

  2. Dumplings are easy. I find myself preparing in batches and freezing them. When I returned from work, voila! I just need to boil them!

  3. To Zen Chef~
    Haha I've been having the same crisis everyday!
    And this is the best remedy for me at this moment - Japanese style shabu shabu with Kobe beef!

    To Tigerfish~
    I'm in love with dumplings! Next time I should try to make "ton bao!"

  4. I'm so lazy. I go to Ranch 99 and I buy frozen dumplings there. So convenient!

    Your ingredients for your Western dumplings are interesting and sounded tasty!

    Take care,


  5. To Ivan~
    Wow you're back to the blogsphere!
    What you gonna be for Halloween??