Nov 3, 2008

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival 2008

How was your Halloween night?
Trick or treat? Clubbing? House party?
I went to West Hollywood for its annual Halloween parade.

It wasn't an easy task to get there,
First, we had to deal with the infamous California traffic,
Second, there were tons of people heading to Los Angeles for their Halloween parties.
So after driving for more than 3 hours and walking for more than 15 blocks,
We're finally there,
Santa Monica Boulevard!
Walking next to us were thousands and thousands of...
Monsters..cartoon characters..politicians..cheer leaders..entertainers..anything you can think of!

Here we were,
Ash, one friendly stranger, and Pikachu-

And let's look at some PG-13 pictures of the night,

Uma Thurman from Kill Bill-

2 Pac-

Keanu Reeves from Matrix-

Michael Phelp-

Since it's a food blog,
Of course we need to see some food related costumes.

Our all time favorite fast food icons-

Sashimi couple-


Frylock and Master Shake-

Let me know if you guys wanna see the whole album for this Halloween parade,
However, one condition must be met,
You have to be 18 years or older!
(Shoot me an email for the album)


  1. My wife and I were there! I would love to see the album! My e-mail is
    The name is David from Oxnard California. Hope to see the pictures you took. I'll send you the ones I took if youd like.

  2. i almost went with a paper mask! lol...i posted my costume plans in my blog...and i think you'd guess which one finally went materialized ^_^

  3. To Mochachocolata Rita~
    Oh sounds interesting,
    Let me go take a look now!

  4. You look so cute!

    I'm glad you had a good time. :)

    Take care,


  5. To Ivan~
    Thanks! Let me know when you gonna visit SoCal again!

  6. Hi Cindy, Would love to see the album, we are actully looking for pictures that people have taken of us, Sailor Moon and a Blue Winged Angel and well really tall boots!! :) email addy would be

    That would be awsome if you have any, seemed like everybody was shooting!!!

  7. To MIS~
    Album sent!
    But I don't remember if I see sailor moon and blue winged angel tho~

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  9. I would like to see the Halloween Parade. my email is christopher_dot_chau_AT_gmail


  10. To Chris~
    Hello, I sent it to,
    Wish that's the right email address!

  11. this is totally late, but i was at the parade & have been looking for photos of my friends and me....can you send the link to modernpostage [at] gmail ? thank you!

  12. Hey I don't have the pics right now, but will have access to you after August.
    Let me know around that time if you still want it.

  13. Hi, is there a chance to see your picture of the parade?

    I wanna go this year and Im trying to convince some friends to join me.