Feb 16, 2009

Ponzu Steak and Mayo Baked Shrimps

How was you guys' Valentine's Day?
Well, for me...I had my Valentine's dinner at home,
Figured at least I don't have to deal with all the reservation hassles and paying $$$$ for the same thing I can get during regular days.

But apparently, cooking at home is not an easy task,
Despite I've been hanging around the kitchen for so long,
This time, it was like a battlefield!

Here's the story..
When I cook the steak on the skillet,
Everything looks perfect, the meat is gradually browning on the bottom, the smell is infusing the kitchen.

However, shortly after that,
I saw oil splashing out everywhere on the floor.
That also means my clothes and my pants..

What's going on?

I did make sure that the steaks were dry while I transfered them into the skillet...
I felt like I was an octopus at that moment,
One hand on the skillet,
One hand on the kitchen towel,
Another invisible hand busy wiping the floor,
And one more hand on the fire control....

Just hoping that everything will be better...
The fire alarm went off..
Ahhh stupid apartment complex,
Every time I grill something, they just can't stop bothering me.
Especially Chinese food, like three cups chicken or seared fish.....
Maybe the fire alarm is a racist.

As you can imagine,
There should be more hand holding a long stick stretching all the way to the ceiling to turn off that alarm.
Cindy the Octopus.

Good thing that my dinner turned out perfect after all the "obstacles."

Ingredients (for two gigantic steaks)?
You can find the recipe for mayonnaise baked shrimps here.

2 rib eye steaks
Freshly ground black pepper
Sea salt or fleur de sel
Extra virgin olive oil
5 to 6 garlic cloves (peeled, chopped)
2 to 3 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons of ponzu sauce


First thing for making steaks,
Make sure you're cooking them while they are in room temperature.
If they're in the fridge,
Just leave them outside till the steaks are not so cold anymore.

Let's sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper on both sides of the steaks,
Set it aside and don't cook it till at least 15 minutes later.

Drizzle some olive oil in the skillet,
Wait for the oil turns really hot (you can tell when you see the little bubbles coming up),
Transfer the steak and sear both sides for about 4 to 5 minutes, or till it turns medium brown.
Remember don't move the steak around while searing,
When it's not cooked through on the outside and you are trying to move it,
The meat might get stuck on the skillet and you'll ruin the shape of the steak.

After searing both sides, transfer it to the serving plate.
Now let's pour out some excess oil in the skillet, just save like 1 tablespoon of oil,
Toss in the butter,
When it's half-melted, add the chopped garlic and cook for few seconds,
Before it gets burned, drizzle the ponzu sauce over and let it simmer for about one minute.
Pour the sauce over the steak,

And here's our final product!

Serisouly, the the quality of the meat is good,
Only few seasoning will do the job.
Wonder how much I'll have to pay for such a gigantic steak in a fancy restaurants.
Octopus feeding on beef.

Cindy's Rating: 8


  1. get a cast iron grill, grill the steak both side till it turn brown, n stick to oven, n set the oven boil.........so u won't be like an octopus....or just get the battery out of the fire alarm lol

  2. To Latte~
    Yeah but the oil actually splashes out early in the process though...
    I don't think cast iron will help at this point..
    I'm ought to be an octopus...

  3. Your fire alarm in the complex is pretty sensitive! But the final product looks great! You seemed to do the shrimp a bit differently as they are out of the shell and they look fantastic. The steak looks so juicy. Excellent!

  4. Your Surf and Turf? I think it is perfectly excellent to have V'day's meal at your own turf! But I wish someone else has done the cooking.

  5. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Haha thanks,
    Yeah the alarm at least went off 10 times..I don't know what to do with it anymore...

    To Tigerfish~
    I hope so too...but if "someone" decides to cook instead...
    I'll probably end up with charcoal-like steak....
    And the splashing oil everywhere in the kitchen waiting for me to clean up..

  6. This looks so amazing! I understand how you must have felt like an octopus -- I need about 8 arms right now just to wipe away the drool from my lips. I think I'll try the shrimp recipe this weekend, and if it goes well I'll do the steak later, too. Thanks for sharing this. Oh, and congrats on your award!

  7. To Sapuche~
    Yeah give the shrimp recipe a try and let me know how it goes!
    Hope you'll like it!