Mar 3, 2009

Cafe Blanc

Somehow I've been waking up with this uneasy feeling every morning,
Sort of like breathless..unsettling sense at the very tips of my nerves,
And the bad thing is that I don't think this feeling is going away anytime soon.

What's going on?
Maybe the stress is coming from my writing class..
Especially my group project, it's killing me...
What am I suppose to do? Any ideas?
Meditation? Yoga?
Or should I just cope with it and live like this all the way till summer time? Till I'm out of school?
It's driving me nut!

I only know that at this moment,
Maybe one slice, wait, two slices of cakes will relax my body a little bit..
So I went to Cafe Blanc last Friday for a quick mind and body relaxation therapy.

Ice tea-

Comes with milk and honey.

Pardon me that I can no longer remember the names of these cakes,
They're both chocolate based,
The top one contains some nuts and the bottom one has white chocolate mousse in the middle.

And they give you a tiny scoop of gelato for each dessert.

Cafe Blanc is a nice and cozy place where you can truly "relaxed" and rest up,
The taste itself is leaning toward Japanese style patisserie,
Light and not too sweet.
If you are a big fan of these kind of dessert, Cafe Blanc is the place to go!
Overall Rating: 6
Cafe Blanc
298 E. 17th Street. Unit B
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 631-9999


  1. Wow, everything looks so beautiful! Very nicely presented. Hope you will feel better soon!

  2. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Thank you,
    I think school work is weighing me down...
    Hope everything's well for you!

  3. My friend took me here around the beginning of this year and I tried the Neopolitan which is my personal favorite there. I made a few trips back w/ the same friend and tried other cakes, which I don't remember the names of either. But I remember one of them being heart shaped. Personally, I felt that the other cakes I've tried tasted a bit too sweet for some reason. I'm pretty sure it's just me though. But while I read this post, it seems like you go to restaurants from place to place, whether it's be far or close to where I am. So I wanted to introduce a couple of better cake/patesserie locations that I love going to the most.
    There is one place called "Bonjour" ( located in Gardena. Similar to cafe blanc they are japanese owned and have variety of small cakes I just have to say are pure awsome! The atmosphere is relaxing and rather quiet, and a great place to spend an afternoon to chat with your friends.
    The second place, and my most favorite out of the two, is called "Patisserie Chantilly" ( located about 10 minutes away from bonjour. Their cake presentation is just seems too perfect and cute it would make you want to try everything that is there. The ambiance of the cafe is relaxing and modernized and I've seen college students study as they enjoy their afternoon tea studying. But make sure to go at least a few hours before they close because they sell out pretty fast, and I have had a few time when i couldn't get anything.
    Hopefully, when you get a chance to visit these two places you'll have a great experience as much as I did. All I can say is, it's so worth going to.

  4. To k1yochan~
    Wow thank you so much for the recommendations!
    I tried chantilly before, can't really remember what I had there.
    So you prefer Japanese style dessert better than European kind? My favorite place so far is the one in San Diego, it's called Extraordinary Dessert, give it a try some time, but it might be too sweet for some people though, either way, their atmosphere is great!