Apr 1, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip - South Rim

I'm back!
After spending 2.5 days in one of the most magnificent natural wonders in America,
Man, I am exhausted!
But my mind was definitely filled with new knowledge and energy from our mother nature!

Let me show you some pictures during the trip.

We dragged our feet to Mather Point around 5:40 a.m. in order to let the first sunlight shine on us,
I really mean it when I say "shine on us."
It was freezing, -7 degrees Fahrenheits that morning! We really need that sunlight,
And it was worth the wait-

The sun shining on the rocks-

After embracing the sunlight, we immediately head back to our hotel and nap for 2 hours.
Can't keep our eyes open,
We napped till 10 a.m., still early.

Later on we decided to do an easy hike around the Rim Trail,
Met this little guy during our hike-

Besides that, we also encountered a group of...not so smart (I was gonna say stupid!) creatures-

Can't see clear enough? Let me show you a closer view-

What a group of...$(%&$(*%$$...
We have no idea how in the world they got down there,
There's no trail and no smooth rocks lead to that edge,
What if someone slipped?
Want a visual of the the depth of the canyon?

And remember, it was freezing that morning, so some of the ice were not melted yet..it was very slippery...
I don't know what happened to them later on...too painful to watch.

During our hike, we also saw two deers, many crows, and two condors!

Condor is one of the many endangered species,
Before they were almost gone, only 22 left in the entire planet earth,
Good thing we finally realized the situation and trying to bring them back,
So far there're few hundreds of condors in the world,
Not enough, but it's a progress.

The main reason why they're dying off..
Well, human of course.
Taking away their natural habitats, food sources,
Also hunting, not necessary killing them directly, but the use of bullets made with lead.
They might eat those bullets falling on the ground and poisoned to death.

If any of your friends hunt, tell them not to use lead made bullets.

As you know lead will stay in our body and that is a serious problem.
So far California has banned the use of lead made bullets, but how about other states?
Imagine you're eating deer meat or even fish,
Do you know if they were killed by lead bullets? do you know if the fish was not poisoned by lead leaking to the river?
(I got carried away here, just makes me so mad when I talk about these kind of things)

So yeah, the picture of the condor seems small,
But our lovely park ranger showed us the wingspan of a mature condor, 9 feet!-

What an amazing creature.

We also saw this on the way back, I called it snake-wanna-be tree-

The trip was wonderful,

Sometimes I wonder...how long these natural wonders will last?
It makes me feel like I should travel as much as I can..one day some places might be gone forever,
Great Barrier Reef in Australia,
Glaciers and icebergs in Alaska,
Galapagos Islands, Amazon River,
So many places that might be gone in a glimpse if we don't take care of our planet.

Put more effort in protecting our environment,
Do something is better than do nothing.


  1. The beauty of Grand Canyon. I love it and I miss it !

  2. To Tigerfish~
    You've been there? How nice!
    I wanna try to go from Vegas side next time!

  3. I'm going to Grand Canyon this weekend and came across your site when I googled what to do in the south rim. Are all the hikes very difficult or are there some fun leisurely ones?

  4. To Turbogroove~
    I suggest that you go to the visitor center (it's very easy to find, you can ask anyone there, I'm sure they'll know where it is)first, they have all the information available.

    Over there, you can see the difficulties for each trail and the suggested amount of food and water you need to bring along during the hike.

    They have trails suitable for families and for expert. If you want, you can also take the mule tour. It lasts for like 7 hours. So instead of hiking yourself, the mules can just take you around, pretty cool!