Sep 29, 2009

Ensenada Street Food - Cactus Fruit with Chili Sauce

I went on a cruise recently to Mexico, Ensenada,
During the offshore excursion, I saw this small stand lining up with cactus fruits,
I had to order something from there.

Not too sure what I got from the lady (since she only speaks Spanish),
She peeled the cactus, chopped it up in big chunks, and asked if I want chili sauce with it,
How in the world do I know what she was asking for?
Well, at least I know chili, or chile, either way, I got my cup of chopped cactus with chili sauce-

The sauce tastes kind of like the plum powder people use for guava,
As for the cactus itself, it has a slight sweet taste, the texture is similar to dragon fruit, but a little bit harder...
By the way....I didn't expect so many seeds in the middle....

Good experience though! Never had fruit with chili sauce before!


  1. I like this combination of tastes. It sounds exotic, but I imagine that it fits together.

  2. TO Anja~
    Yeah it tastes "interesting" to me,
    I like the cactus itself though, but so many seeds...way too many..

  3. What a coincidence: I just posted about cactus pear today. I wasn't a fan at all...not sure chili sauce would have helped.

  4. To Olga~
    Haha I'm still not sure if I ate it the way it supposed to be...I many can someone eat the cactus like that..

  5. This is interesting...I never saw this available in Ensenada during the day I was there! I did however see a lot of people selling carved pieces of rice and tacos. The chili sauce looks very unusual I have to say...

  6. To Eat Travel Eat~
    I had an awesome seafood cevichi in Ensenada, probably write up a post later on~
    Were you there on a cruise too?

  7. To Vanessa~
    I don't think so, I tried to eat it but it was so hard~