Aug 19, 2010

The Way Rice Should be Cooked - Torafuku USA 寅福

The food monger's legs are officially "disabled"

And please don't let the chance slip away,
This is your perfect and only opportunity to call me "WEAK SAUCE!"

I just got back from Yosemite National Park,
Man oh man...hiking for one full day really drains all my energy away,
Surely the scenery was a feast for my eyes, but to get up there...that's whole other story...
And I'm truly blend in with the nature now,
Because my thighs are as tough and stiff as the giant sequoia trees in the park!

My disability is currently restricting my moving radius,
All I can do, or prefer to do is to lay on the couch and organize piles of food pictures that was taken before the muscle-squeezing trip,
Then I came across this folder - Torafuku USA,
The images from Torafuku are making me hungry, and I don't even want to move an inch just to grab some food for my rumbling tummy,
Well, maybe I can make you guys hungry too? So we can all suffer from hunger together, Muahahahhahah (evil laugh)! 

Torafuku -

This place is famous for its rice,
Some might not understand that the deliciousness can varied even for such a basic thing,
It's just like spaghetti,
Sloppy spaghetti can be mushy and dull,
In the other hand, 
Well prepared spaghetti can give you that al dente texture, with noodles bouncing between your tongue and teeth,
It might even come with a hint of sea salt or olive oil aroma. 

They use "Kamado," a metal pot that is over 500lbs to cook their rice,
Pardon me that I didn't get an action picture of the chefs making rice with Kamado,
Once again, my shyness had gotten in the way,
But here's the link where you can learn more about Kamado.

Small bite first, homemade tofu -

"Made daily, served warm with fresh grated ginger and soy sauce."
Tastes really good when it's still warm, so eat it fast!

I ordered kurobuta pork cutlet set for lunch,
$12, comes with salad, small appetizer, miso soup, and all you can eat Kamado rice,
Here is the salad -

The dressing is on the light side, maybe a wee bit too tasteless.

Pork cutlet -

Very yummy!
High quality pork with flavorful and crunchy coating,
The portion is generous,
I noticed that because usually I'm crying for more pork cutlets,
But this time, I actually had 2 pieces left (hurray)!

Side order of jidori onsen tamago -

"Poached free-range egg served with soy sauce broth"
I just dumped the whole thing onto my rice and devour it all at once,
Love the yolk.
By the way, in addition to white rice, you can also get Kamado brown rice from Torafuku.

Furikake was also provided at the restaurant -

$1 mini draft beer (empty glass) -

Can't make it on time for the picture...
Apparently someone drank it right away before the shot....

The service was good,
The place was comfortable and clean,
There were some really delicious dishes but also some normal ones,
For sure the onsen tamago and the pork cutlet is a must,
I'll definitely go back to try out other yummy-looking things on the menu!

*I just come I didn't take any picture of their rice???
Arghhhh stupid! Either way, trust me, the rice was good!
Maybe it gives me an excuse to go back right away and eat all the stuff they have on the menu take some more pictures!

Torafuku USA 寅福
10914 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-0014

*Not open for lunch on Sundays
Cindy's Rating: 6
However, Torafuku has the potential to earn a higher grade of 7,
I'll modify and post the review once I get to devour more dishes ( ^ _.^ )b


  1. I was looking out for the rice too ....but saw no rice? :p

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Haha sorry,
    Got too excited and was super hungry during that lunch ( > _.< )

  3. Why do I always keep skipping this place when I'm in the area? Thanks for the reminder. Should really make it in soon. Do you go to Yabu as well?

  4. to Sinosoul~
    Ha remember to try it next time, it's not bad but kinda pricey for lunch set. I never heard of Yabu??