Aug 5, 2011

Best Honey Cake from Micasa Dolci Patisserie - Taiwan, Taipei

Wanna see lava cake-liked honey dessert?
Look at this pretty thing -

This is by far my favorite, FAVORITE honey cake I ever ate in my life,
It looked just like all other ordinary honey cake on the outside, well, besides its round instead of common rectangle shape,
Who would have know that it has such a soft and moist inside that just melt in your mouth -

Where did I find this beauty?
At Micasa Dolci Patisserie in Taipei, Taiwan.

Katena Keichi, the Japanese head pastry chef is the creator behind this lava-liked honey cake,
He is also my new found top favorite pastry chefs in Taiwan.

Much dedicated work were put into this tiny 5 inch cake,
First is the mixing of egg yolks and sugar for nearly 40 minutes,
With a little bit of flour, honey, and all other yummy ingredients,
Chef baked the cake for just 10 minutes in order to create that fluffy and moist center.

Unlike all other honey cakes I've ever had,
Micasa's version gives you that moist bite from the beginning till the end,
Highly recommended if you ever visit Taiwan.

Micasa locates next to one of Taiwan's landmark - National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall,
This little eatery has a cozy outdoor seating area which is hard to come by in the crowded city of Taipei,
Big trees provide natural shades for customers,
However, the intolerable heat during summer time keeps me away from enjoying Micasa's creation outside,
But it's ok, the cheerful indoor area with lovely air conditioning aint bad at all -

Perfect match for a sweet treat?
Hot tea it is - 

I have to admit that I didn't come with any positive expectations because of my stereotypical thoughts,
Thinking that Japanese pastry chef usually equals to light flavored dessert,
But I was wrong, so wrong!

Mille-feuille with lychee and fresh fruit filling -

That naturally fruity aroma came right through my nose after the first bite,
It's not overwhelmingly sweet since the chef balanced the flavor out with the pastry and slightly sour-ish fruits.

The whole plate resembles a carefully orchestrated art work,
Or maybe a treasure box for my palate,
I can eat this everyday and will never get sick of it.

Micasa also provide a small selection of savory items such as salads and sandwiches,
Below is meat pastry with stewed mushrooms and salad -

In the beginning, I didn't expect that their desserts can be so delicious,
And now Micasa's savory items just blew me away again - 

Especially the salad,
Usually this type of greens is on the bottom of my list while enjoying a salad dish,
But they match it with quality shredded Parmesan that balance out the grassy taste from the greens, marvelous.

I haven't had any restaurant reviews published for quite some time, especially restaurant overseas,
This shows how much I'm in love with Micasa.

Reservation is recommended, however, this place usually won't get very busy till after lunch hours,
But don't take me seriously on that,
Who knows? If more people found out this place, I don't even know if there will be a seat for me in the future,
Maybe publishing this post is a bad idea...

You should feel lucky I'm in a "sharing" mood today,
Again, highly recommended,
Please do swing by when visiting Taiwan.

Cindy's Rating: Whopping 9!

*Average price is about $10 to $20 per person.

Micasa Dolci Patisserie

First Floor, #426, Section 4, Ren-Ai Road, Shin-Yi Area
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 2345-7669

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