Oct 5, 2011

Who Would Have Expected Great Tacos Near Zion National Park!?

I'm usually the food planner - meaning finding a place to eat - when it comes to traveling. Maybe partly due to my knowledge of food; partly due to my restaurant searching capability, but I bet a big chunk of the reasoning is because how picky I am when it comes to food. Hey! You don't wanna ruin your traveling experience by walking into a crappy restaurant right?

After serious of cross referencing and diner review validation, we've decided to eat at small Mexican joint called Whiptail Grill after one whole day of exploring Utah's Zion National Park -

It's not exactly hole in the wall place, but definitely not a pretty restaurant around the neighborhood. On top of that, the service can be quite slow sometime since there might only be two servers running around the place. But it's ok, we're here to relax and to take in that beautiful sunset shining on the rocks while gulping down a cold beer in our hand -

Let's see what's on the menu tonight -

Calamari friti $11.99 -

"Strips of calamari steaks flash fried, served with a roasted plum tomato and herbed sauce, and basil pesto aioli."

It's a little bit different than the regular fried calamari. There were bits of Italian seasoning mixed in the coating, which makes the fried calamari very aromatic. Together with garlicky basil pesto aioli sauce, that's divine.

Chipotle chicken enchiladas $15.99 -

"Spicy chipotle marinated chicken, onions, green chilies, smothered in roasted tomatillo green salsa, topped with cheese and salsa fresca."

Enchilada is my Mexican comfort food. It's good, but not as good as the tacos I'm gonna tell you about.

Grilled prawn tacos $15.99 -

"Seasoned and char grilled prawns atop cabbage and spicy salsa fresca."

Sooooooo good!
Let me tell you, I'm not the biggest fan of tacos and burritos, so when being asked to try one bite, my expectation was not very high up there. But man...that one bite might change my view of tacos forever. All the bright flavors were like a big punch in my mouth. Who would have thought there's a great Mexican joint next to a national park?

My recommendation is if you're not in a hurry to get yourself filled with food, please come to Whiptail Grill for dinner. Just sit there, relax, and enjoy the sunset while the Mexican chef preparing your dish in a tiny kitchen behind the counter. It's totally worth it.

*Taco is a must
*Go before sunset
*Get a table outside to enjoy the view and the beauty of this little town

Whiptail Grill
445 Zion Park Blvd
Springdale, UT 84779
(435) 772-0283

Cindy's Rating: 8

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