Mar 29, 2012

The New Greens - Stir Fry Mizuna with Garlic, Grape Tomatoes, and Beech Mushroom

Spinach, broccoli, and zucchini are the three mostly used green vegetables in my recipe (excluding herb-like items such as cilantro and scallion). Last week at the grocery store, next to my usual bundle of spinach was something called "mizuna." Marked as $1 extra compared to $0.99 spinach, this green veggie is a rare find in Taiwan, sometimes in the states too.

I've tried mizuna before; it comes with a distinct aromatic taste. If you have to compare, maybe slightly close to celery. The leaves are soft but not as smooth as spinach, and its stems are crunchy, but not as tough as celery.

As for my first homemade mizuna dish, I think a simple garlic stir fry will do -


3 small bundles of mizuna
3 garlic cloves
1 cup of grape tomatoes
1 pack of beech mushroom (bunashimejii)
Some olive oil
Some sea salt
Some freshly ground black pepper


Our main ingredients -

Remove the very bottom stems from the mizuna. Thoroughly rinse the veggie and give it a few chops, just to shorten the length so it'll be easier to cook and eat,
Remove the stems from the mushroom and thoroughly rinse under water then drain well and set aside,
Peel the garlic cloves and cut into slices,
Halve the tomatoes.

Drizzle some olive oil in the pan,
Add in the garlic slices, some salt, and freshly ground black pepper,
Cook till the garlic about to burn, toss in the mushroom and cook for about couple minutes.

Add the halved tomatoes and sprinkle just a little bit more salt to draw out the liquid and flavor, cook for about 1 minute then add in the mizuna.

Cook till the greens wilted a little bit, taste and see if more seasonings are needed. Quick and easy, my first aromatic mizuna stir fry is ready -

Hopefully more mizuna will be available for purchase so at least I get more choices other than spinach and broccoli!

Cindy's Rating: 8


  1. What a beautiful plate of food. It looks as good as I'm sure it tastes. Fresh and delicious.

  2. To Maureen~
    Thank you so much! Mizuna is such an aromatic vegetable, give it a try sometime if you can find it!

  3. I wanna try Mizuna too. I think it's available in the Jap. supermarket that I hardly frequent. :O

    Good to try a new ingredient :)

  4. To Tigerfish~
    I'm in love with this vegetable. Too bad it'll be hard to find after I'm back to Taiwan.