Oct 21, 2012

High Tea Experience Vegas Style - Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge

Vegas here I come again!

Usually I would pick a restaurant or two to try out while visiting Vegas. However, this time I was there for a wedding, and most of the dinner plans have already been set by the wedding party. Knowing that I'll be stuffed with tons of food and perhaps busy socializing with friends and families most of the nights, an elegant and relaxing English afternoon tea became my top choice instantly.

Tea Lounge is only available from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. daily. Usually it's not crowded at all but a reservation is still recommended. I requested window seat and was very pleased that they saved a big sofa section for just a party of two.

Tea Lounge is located on the 23rd floor next to the lobby, where hotel guests check in and all that miscellaneous stuff. Take a look at the first picture. There's an array of clear windows in the mid section, that's where the Tea Lounge is.

Clear view of Veer Towers from our sofa area -

Too bad it's just for "afternoon" tea because the view will be even more amazing at night -

Other seating sections -

Beautiful carpet -

Only few tables here, which is great. That means I can finally get away with all the hassles and just enjoying my cup of tea here - in peace.

Classic English afternoon tea $36/person -

You get to choose one of Tea Lounge's freshly brewed loose leaf teas for this basic set. On top of that are the classic three tier small bite items, scones, and assorted pastries. If you want to kick it up a notch, there's also Veuve Clicquot afternoon tea that comes with a glass of champagne for $56/person. Well, if one glass is not enough, Tea lounge do offer a tea set for two people, plus one whole bottle of champagne for $185.

One of the many tea selections -

Osmanthus oolong (iced) -

No extra charge for refills.

Organic lychee green -

Tea Lounge also has offer some interesting tea cocktails such as royal tea (Absolut Mandarin, chilled osmanthus oolong tea, etc) and kiwi-green tea fizz (ginger simple syrup, Veev acai liqueur, etc).

Here it comes! I was like a little girl very excited to see my desserts showed up in three tiers. That means after finishing one plate, I've got two more to go. That illusion of endless sweet treats made me very content.

Some people follow the rules while having English high tea, which is savory items - scones - sweets. Well, I was exhausted from all the driving and you know...family affairs..So just put away the rules and dig in! Hurry and grab whichever one you crave the most before it's gone!

First/very bottom layer for savory items -

"Smoked salmon and cucumber with watercress spread,
Egg salad and chives on brioche,
Curried chicken salad sandwich,
Black forest ham sandwich."

Second/middle layer for Tea Lounge signature scones. Served with imported Devonshire clotted cream and Chef Gianni's house made marmalades and jams.

The scones are amazingly good. Buttery and flaky. Add a little bit of clotted cream and some raspberry jam, it's like heaven! I can eat this super high calories thing every day without feeling a tiny bit sense of guilt. It's just too good to pass.

Third /top layer for sweet items -

Spicy cheese cake,
Purple macaron with bubble gum filling,
Pistachio cake,
Chocolate truffle.

Very cinnamony cheesecake -

Every single item was made with such great attention to details. However, after having my first bite of the scones, I can be careless for those pretty looking things. I even wished that they can fill all my tiers with scones. Oh, and that clotted cream.

If you don't hae time to breath in the amazing views nor munching on delicious treats at Tea Lounge while visiting Vegas, see if you can to go some of the scones. I'm not sure if the hotel lets you do that, otherwise people might start pouring in just for the scones.

Cindy's rating: 8
(mostly for the attentive service and ambience. However, if solely for the scones, I would definitely put up a 9 or even 10 for the score)

Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge (City Center)
3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89158
(702) 590-8888
(888) 881-9367

10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sunday extends to 11 p.m.
*However afternoon tea only available from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

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