Mar 19, 2013

Red Guava and Mild Cheddar Sandwich

Quick afternoon snack fix. All you need is nice quality toast, cheese squares, and jam!

Red guava and mild cheddar sandwich -

Ingredients (for one)?

3 slices of white bread based toasts
2 mild cheddar cheese squares
Some red guava jam


I've got this jar of red guava jam from my friend as a Christmas present (thank you!). Red guava is one of the popular fruits in Taiwan. Its exterior looks almost identical to regular guava. However, unlike the common kind which comes with white colored center, the red guava comes with red colored center, similar to a very condensed watermelon hue. Taste-wise, the red guava is sweeter and softer in texture.

Toast the bread till slightly crunchy on the edges. I picked up a cream based white toast from a local Korean bakery. I suppose creamy bread works better for this recipe.

Basically just spread some jam onto the bread and stick the cheese squares in between when the toasts are still hot. That way the cheese gets to melt nicely and helps binding the toasts together.

Cut the toasts into squares or triangles before serving, so you can share it with others!

You don't have to use guava jam. Other flavors such as strawberry and cranberry both work well with mild cheddar cheese.

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