Oct 28, 2013

New Hype in Los Angeles - Not Cronut Knockoffs, but Real Mille Crepes from Lady M

Lady M Confections is a well known dessert store with vast media exposure such as Allure, Brides, Travel + Leisure, and New York - Best of New York. The very first location was established in New York and now Lady M has a total of four outlets. The latest opening is its first west coast store opened this summer in Los Angeles.

Minimal white color based store design and rectangular shaped layout are the general theme for Lady M, for both East Coast and West Coast outlets.

We arrived right when the confection opens at noon. It's not as crowded as it first opened during summer. However, steady customers starts to fill in the store soon after, mostly for take outs - large quantity take outs.

I read a Yelp review saying that Lady M was overflowed with Asians and a good portion of them were taking pictures of the cakes, which created a weird scene at the store. Well, it's true, and I was among one of them (but I did ask the waiter if pictures are allowed).

Lady M is pretty big among Asian communities. There were Koreans, Taiwanese (raising my hand), Japanese, and Cantonese at the store during my short 1 hour stay. It might be wise to arrive early still in case your piece of cake got taken away by one of my kind!

Mille Crêpes is what this confection is famous for. Created by gently piling up 20 layers of paper-thin crêpes coated with pastry cream. Besides Lady M's signature original mille crêpes, currently it also comes with citron, chocolate, green tea, marron (sweet chestnut), and strawberry flavors. The chocolate banana flavor not yet available in Los Angeles.

Lady M also carries other type of delicately made dessert. Light savory items such as sandwich and salad are also available for dine in customers.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

Lady M Tea - Creamy Morning $6 -

Lady M's signature mille crêpes $7.5/slice -

My mouth is watering just by staring at the picture.

The crêpes is light, creamy, and with a slight caramel hint from the top layer. It's not overly sweet like some of the American cakes, which is ideal for a creamy treat like this. That way you won't get sugar stuck on your tongue feeling even till the very last bite.

Asian girls' picture taking mode.

Green tea mille crêpes $8/slice -

I would say the green tea version tastes even less sweetened, partly due to the slight bitterness from the matcha powder. Look at these paper thin layers, some might think $8 is very expensive for a slice of cake. However, you can tell how much work and precision goes into that one little crêpes. Don't even mention the quality of ingredients used. I think such a true delicacy definitely worth $8. For your reference, a 6 inch green tea mille crêpes costs $45 and a 9 inch one costs $80.

Checkers -

Made with vanilla sponge cake, chocolate sponge cake, and whipped cream throughout. To make it even better, the whole cake is covered with shining dark chocolate ganache. The cake itself is as good as the crêpes, I only wish the person who cut our slice can do a better job, so we get a cleaner color separation between the two flavors.

Flourless chocolate cake -

This one is pretty ordinary. You can still taste the quality chocolate used in the cake, but overall it's not as palate-blowing as others.

This place is definitely worth a try. The cakes and crêpes are light and delicate, similar to Japanese style cakes. However, the ones from Lady M are well flavored with its signature luscious cream, making the cakes light yet packed with delicate flavors.

Cindy's Rating: 8

Lady M Confections - Los Angeles
8718 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Operating Hours:
Tue to Fri from 12 noon ~ 7 p.m.
Sat to Sun from 12 noon ~ 6 p.m.
Closed on Mondays

*Do not take reservations
*Valet parking available
*Shipping available for certain items, please check website for details 

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