Dec 16, 2015

A Little Gift from Kyoto, Japan - Senmaizuke (千枚漬) with Sushi Grade Tuna and Shiso

Kyoto is famous for its vegetables and pickled varieties. One of the most well known items is called senmaizuke, which are pickled turnip slices. Senmaizuke is similar to the thin pickled radish slices found at a Korean barbecue joint, but slightly thicker with heavier taste. 

You can simply serve the senmaizuke as it is or like what I did by adding a couple simple ingredients to make it a nicer looking dish.

Senmaizuke with sushi grade tuna and shiso -


  • 1 pack senmaizuke (千枚漬) or Korean pickled radish slices
  • Some sushi grade tuna
  • 1 shiso leaf


Roll up one shiso leaf and finely chop into tiny pieces. Cut the tuna into smaller cubes. Arrange the pickled turnip slices onto the plate then garnish with tuna and shiso.

Can't get any easier than that isn't it?

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