Jul 6, 2016

Japanese Cold Side Dish Recipe - Shio Kombu with Medium Firm Tofu

Happy belated 4th of July!

Trying to get back to work is always tough after a relaxing long weekend, so I thought this no fuss cooking recipe should be a great helper when trying to fix up a healthy side dish under a time crunch. No stove fire involved and easy cleaning afterwards, this tofu recipe can also store in the fridge for few days and serve immediately without warming up. 

Shio kombu with medium firm tofu - 


  • 1 small firm/medium firm tofu
  • 1/4 cup loosely packed shio kombu (塩昆布)
  • Some sesame oil
  • Small pinch chili powder


Remove the tofu from the package and drain well. Transfer onto a plate and steam for 10 minutes. 

Once ready, drain well again and wait till the tofu cools enough to be handle by hand, or at least till no more steaming heat presents. Break the tofu into smaller bits by hand or with a fork. 

Mix in dried shio kombu and blend well. The remaining moisture inside the tofu should soften the shio kombu and further release its flavors. Put a ring mold on the serving plate and fill in the tofu mixture. Press with gentle pressure to better hold the shape then remove the ring mold. This molding step is not necessary.

Drizzle some sesame oil and sprinkle with chili powder before serving.

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