Mar 12, 2019

It's the Thought that Counts - Unsuccessful Red Bean Buns あんパン

My first time making bread from scratch, not so successful but it's the thought that counts right? Said so myself.

I followed exactly all the steps from a recipe website Just One Cookbook. Well, nearly all the steps. This leads to the answer of why my red bean buns were unsuccessful? 

After a little investigation, it's the filling. Well, more so my slight laziness in the end. Instead of making the red bean paste from scratch, I used store-bought Japanese canned red beans. It was too watery, so the filling couldn't hold up the shape and caused serious spilling while I was trying to seal the dough.

Lessons learned.

So the recipe supposed to yield eight little buns, ended up less than half of the batch were presentable, if not judging that teeny weeny filling sadly sat in the center. If anyone gets a taste of it, consider it a lucky (or unlucky) thing?

A little side effect, I didn't expect that my right forearm can get this sore after kneading the dough, and it lasted for days. But the process was fun, and hopefully one day I'll make it again, so I can restore my reputation back (if it ever existed).

Oh, and that aroma after taking the buns out from the oven, even though the taste might be mediocre, but that sweet scent in the kitchen, very comforting. 

May all your kitchens smell like such happiness every day. 

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