Oct 26, 2019

Nope, Not Hedgehog, but Taiwanese Aiyu Jelly

It's play time!

Who said that we can't play with food, boo them! Let's get our hands wet and start squeeze the gooey liquid out of aiyu seeds. Also a great dessert to make with kids at home, so easy and kind of fun, with possibly some water splashing around.

Taiwanese aiyu jelly -

Ingredients (about 8 to 10 portions)?

  • 68 grams dried aiyu (seeds still attached, use less if already separated)
  • 2000 ml water (avoid RO water)
  • Few Taiwanese green lemon (yellow lemon works fine too)
  • Some honey


Why avoiding RO water? The reason is that RO water can hinder the formation of jelly. The result can be watery or gel-like texture.

Use hot water to make some honey water. It'll better help the honey to melt. Store in the fridge to cool down first.

The aiyu seeds used here are still attached to the dried fruit. It's not necessary to remove them. Gently rinse the seeds with water then transfer to a cloth bag. Tie a knot to the opening.

Prepare a big pot of water, about 2000 ml. The aiyu seeds versus water proportion can be tricky at first. On top of that, once finished, aiyu jelly will become firmer even when stored in the fridge. However, about a day or two it'll revert back to watery texture. So it's best to consume within one day.

Insert the aiyu cloth in this pot of water, start rubbing and squeezing it. Think of it as massaging the aiyu seeds. Soon after, it'll turn slimy and gooey, keep going till the entire water turn slightly slimy too. You'll get a feeling that no more yellow hue can be squeezed out once done.

Transfer the pot to the fridge, about 30 minutes after, the water will start to coagulate and become more jelly-like.

The texture will change from watery to gooey, then start to firm up. Sometimes after half day or one day, the jelly will revert back to watery form. The best way is to serve it when aiyu water reaches your favorite texture. 

Scoop some aiyu jelly to the serving bowl, serve with cold honey water and squeeze some fresh lemon juice to further brighten up the flavor. Garnish with thinly sliced lemon.

I like my aiyu jelly on the softer side. Some prefer it firm that you can cut the jelly in half with a gentle bite. Play around the proportion, keep it fun, it'll be delicious with honey water no matter what.

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