Nov 26, 2023

Smoked Sardines and Stracciatella Cheese Crostini - Hurray Store Bought Ingredients

Fancy crostini doesn't have to be a hassle to put together all the time. If you can source quality store bought ingredients, it'll only take you 10 minutes to put together something nice for the crowd, or why not just for yourself?

Smoked sardines and stracciatella cheese crostini -

Smoked sardines and stracciatella cheese crostini


  • 100 grams canned smoked sardines 
  • 125 grams stracciatella cheese
  • 1 medium baguette
  • Some pickled red cabbage
  • Some fresh dill


Slice the baguette. Usually I would drizzle some olive oil over and perhaps rub garlic on it before toasting. However, the canned smoked sardines I used was smoked over beech wood and preserved in rapeseed oil, so I'm going to keep the main focus on that and keep other ingredients as simple as possible.

Fangst smoked sardines and other ingredients for crostini

So toast the baguette slices as it is. Once the texture turns slightly crunchy on the edges, remove from heat.

Toasting baguette slices

Drain out excess liquid from the stracciatella cheese. Tear a small portion then lay on the baguette slices. Top with some pickled red cabbage then add the smoked sardines on top.

Lastly, garnish with fresh dill then it's good to go. I think 10 minutes total to put together the whole thing?

Smoked sardines and stracciatella cheese crostini

I got the smoked sardines during my trip to Denmark, but you can use whichever varieties of your liking, preferably pick something smoked for this recipe.

Smoked sardines and stracciatella cheese crostini

After trying one crostini, I actually added more dill than the ones showing in the pictures for myself. Simply love the flavor of dill, the more the merrier, it does really well with the smoked sardines I'm using here.

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