Feb 18, 2024

Whipped Brie with Mascarpone, Honey, and Pink Peppercorn

It was meant to be ricotta, but the only option I have at the grocery store that day was crème fraîche and mascarpone. Imagining the final taste in my head, I quickly grabbed the mascarpone and started putting all the ingredients together in the kitchen.

Whipped brie with mascarpone, honey, and pink peppercorn - 

Whipped brie with mascarpone, honey, and pink peppercorn


  • 250 grams brie
  • 200 grams mascarpone 
  • 1 to 2 baguette 
  • Some honey
  • Some pink peppercorn
  • Some salt flakes (optional)


Slice the baguette and set aside for later use. I serve the baguette slices as it is. Ok, I admit I was a bit lazy. However, if you would like to go all out for this recipe, drizzle some olive oil to the baguette slices and toast till the bread gets nice grill marks.

Slice the baguette bread

Cut off the rinds from brie then dice the soft center part. Smaller pieces will be easier to blend in a food processor.

Trimmed brie

Add the brie chunks to the food processor, the end total after removing the rind was about one cup full. Also add in 200 grams of mascarpone. 

Adding brie and mascarpone to food processor

Start blending till smooth.

Whipped brie and mascarpone

Scoop out the whipped brie and mascarpone to a serving plate. Perhaps make a swirl like serving hummus if you can. Drizzle some good quality honey and crack some pink peppercorn throughout. 

Whipped brie with mascarpone, honey, and pink peppercorn

Give it a taste first then decide if you would like some salt flakes too. Serve the whipped brie with baguette slices.

Whipped brie with mascarpone, honey, and pink peppercorn

I was going to make it even more fancier with fresh strawberries, though that whipped brie, mascarpone, and honey all sound very compatible with strawberries on the side. But you know what, the grocery store I went to was a bit high-end, so they only carry imported strawberries from Japan. The cheapest box I could find was nearly $20 USD. That's why you won't find any strawberries here, what a shame. 

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