Apr 9, 2008

California Science Center

There's not a single food-related pictures in this blog entry,
Just wanna share some pictures I took last weekend at California Science Center,
They are currently having this Body Worlds exhibition starting from mid March till September.

So what is it about?
From the description of California Science Center's website you'll know that there are"over 200 authentic human specimens including whole body plastinates not seen before, organs, translucent body slices, and for the first time - a special presentation on the heart."

Took this picture while waiting in the line prior parking-

You can see Body Worlds' poster on the building far far away.

Outside the science center (looking up)-

This is my favorite picture of the day-

The sun light penetrated the purple ceiling, and the reflection simply shined on the child.
Love it.

Too bad I couldn't take any pictures inside the exhibition,
Try to search on the internet by typing Body Worlds or Gunther Von Hagen,
You'll fine numerous information about his work.
Spare me not giving you the detailed description of what I saw at the exhibition,
I think it's not a very appropriate thing to do on a food blog,
Go google it!
It should worth a visit if you never seen something like this before.


  1. Hey, thanks for coming by my blog. I grew up very close to Fullerton and even went to private high school in Fullerton. Thanks for leading me over here.

  2. Oh yes, i think this same exhibition has been in New York for a while. I didn't go but i saw pictures. Spooky but cool! hehe

  3. To Noble Pig~
    No problem, I love your blog!

    To Zen Chef~
    Oh yeah?
    Maybe go check it out next time when the exhibition moved to NY,
    It's kinda fun!

  4. Hey I live in the OC! Not too far! I love your blog~ Amazing photos. I've added you to my list of links. :D

  5. gorgeous pics...i love ur favorite shot :)

    although i get the reasons and all, i just feel :( when i am not allowed to take pics..

  6. To Mochachocolata Rita~
    I know,
    Especially when I go to certain restaurants, they always so no pictures inside,
    Come on, it's free advertising here!