Apr 30, 2008

The Size of Your Fist > Creme Brulee > Burned Arm

I had this sudden urge of munching on creamy dessert yesterday,
So I decided to stop by the grocery store and got some heavy whipping cream.
Let's have creme brulee tonight!

One benefit of keeping my blog up and running is that it's just like my recipe book,
I typed in "creme brulee" in the search box and here I have it,
My very first creme brulee recipe,
After more than half a year,
This recipe still works perfect for me!

This time I'm using those tiny ramekins that are smaller than the size of a fist,
Here's the picture before I sprinkle sugar to make the crunchy top-

After picture-

I burned myself during the process...-

Haha silly me (yes I'm still laughing),
I didn't have a torch to brown the top of the creme brulee,
So I turned on the broiler and hold up the ramekin way too close to the fire,
Then my arm accidentally touched the burning oven door...
What can I say,
As long as the passion of cooking is there,
(I'm 100000% sure this passion will never die out),
Those mysterious cuts, bruises, and burned wounds will always be there with me,
We're un-separatable,
Many disastrous experiments and/or delicious dishes are then created by me and the wounds.

\(> ___.<)/ Let's keep up the good work!


  1. oh goshhh poor thing! i don't have the torch too...can i use the thing for lighting candles? hehe

    hey, you're invited to join my chinese take-out party. chk out the details in my blog ^_^

  2. Oh Cindy... Now I'm actually glad you don't have a torch, hahaha :P

  3. I love creme brulee. But, I don't use whipping cream for my recipe. I use sweetened condensed milk. Sorry about your arm and great site!

  4. To Mochachocolata Rita~
    Really?! I'm invited?
    Wow I'm so happy,
    I'll check your blog out tonight (at work now haha).

    To Manggy~
    Oh yeah!
    As soon as I burned myself,
    I went online and ordered a torch!
    Wish it'll be safer for me...

    To Leanne~
    Thank you so much,
    Sometimes I use coconut milk for an extra flavor too!

  5. Oh no! That is just a bummer. I am so sorry!

  6. To Noble Pig~
    No worries!
    I got a new torch, ice packs, and aloe vera here!

  7. Who said cooking not a dangerous profession? The things we cooks have to go through to make a tasty dish lol. Your creme brulee looks perfect!

  8. You kno ur burn kinda looks like a heart ^ ^:: but i hope it heals soon!!

  9. To Chuck~
    Yeah I totally agree with you!
    But let's "try" to be safe in the kitchen in the future (haha especially me, always hurt myself)

    To the happy eater~
    Haha that makes me feel better then,
    Few days after now my burned wound turns dark brown already..
    It's a black heart!

  10. Ouch! Hope it heals soon - use lots of the aloe!

  11. To Lori~
    Thank you so much!
    (putting aloe vera on my wound now!)

  12. Ouch, that's a big burn mark. :(

    I always burn myself whenever I bake too, if not my hands or fingers, then certainly my lips because I can't wait to pop the freshly baked goods in my mouth. :(

  13. To Rasa Malaysia~
    Haha that happens to me when I'm eating noodles,
    Just can't wait for that extra minute!

  14. I usually have "cooking wounds" around my fingers too :(

    It must have hurt badly at that instant. Hope the pain has gone away now.

  15. To Tigerfish~
    Thank you so much,
    My wound is getting darker as time goes by,
    It itches now too,

  16. Oh no!! I can totally relate though! I burned myself twice on the arm right before I got married--my now husband said I'd better stay away from the oven until we got hitched! A torch is a good investment in my opinion, and you don't need to buy an expensive one--it all works the same.

  17. To eatingplum~
    Haha thanks,
    Besides a torch,
    I need a giant bottle of aloe vera now too!

  18. So sorry about the burn, but your brulee looks wonderful!

  19. To Ann~
    Thank you,
    My wound is getting better now,
    Just itches!