Jan 26, 2009

Royal Riviera Pear - The Sweetest Pear I've Ever Had

Feel like I haven't write about fruits for ages,
Well, lately I've been eating the same fruits over and over again,
Bananas, cherries, and grapes.

Why is that?
When you have to work with computers the whole time,
These fruits became my top three choices since they can be stored outside the fridge, no pre-cutting required, and create least mess at my desk.
*Imagine me trying to cut a kiwi and eat it at work,
I'm 100% sure that you'll see drops of green liquid on my keyboard.

But I do get tired of the same thing once a long while.
I can't eat bananas, cherries, or grapes every single day!
And I guess that's how this sweet little thing seduced me to grab it, and put into my grocery bag-

It even comes with its own plastic protection,
No wonder the name is called "Royal" Riviera.
Too bad the plastic cover doesn't work for me,
Because I just ripped it apart and cut the pear into pieces!

I'm not kidding, it tastes almost like honey,
I believe if I leave it at the counter, uncovered,
Millions of ants will sense its sweetness and race toward the delicate pear,
(I just got a chill thinking about the scene).

Unlike most of the Asian pears,
Royal Riviera is very soft, and the skin is a little bit rough,
I would love to copy and paste the description on the retailer's website,
But I don't feel like doing any advertisement for them,
I'm only writing this blog because the pear was so sweet!

Google it well ya?


  1. The fruit that I have been eating way too often is the apple. I wish I could eat a cherry though as I haven't eaten one in months!

    The pear looks very nice; have heard a lot of it from the "company".

  2. To EatTravelEat~
    Haha yeah I love that "company."
    (Feel like I'm advertising it again, but they really do carry nice products)!

  3. I usually like my Asian pears crispy, but I've had some soft non-Asian pears that were delightful (and not gritty or mealy, blech!).

    Thanks for sharing, with awesome pics again!


  4. I've heard abt it. In fact, got a Harvey and David food hamper for my friend and there were these pears in there. She told me it was delicious!

  5. To Ivan~
    Yeah I prefer the crunchy one too,
    But I guess it's kinda fun changing the taste once a while!

    To Tigerfish~
    Haha then you said the store name!
    I love it, they also carry other seasonal fruits. I think I gonna give it a try when mango's on the list!