Jan 21, 2009

Spamble Eggs

Ahhhh internet,
I am so glad to have you back into my life.

You have no idea how much I suffered for the past few days,
I was living in a life of no TV and especially no internet.

How am I suppose to update my blog?
How am I suppose to chat with my friends?
(Yes I know there's something called "phone." The thing you can simply pick up, punch some numbers, and talk directly to your dear ones. But that's a no no for me. I do not like to talk on the phone.)

I do admit that I've been checking my emails and other "miscellaneous stuff" at work,
Come on,
Don't tell me you never done that before.

So here I am,
Squadding next to the coffee table, updating my blog,
I see a white line for the internet on my left, and a black line for the battery on the right.
These two strings are tightly stretched in order to meet my laptop in the middle
I guess it's time to set up the wireless tonight..

So before my legs get numb, here's a quick post of my very first spam dish,
-----Spamble Eggs------


6 eggs
1 can of Spam
1/2 onion (chopped)
Extra virgin olive oil
Dried seaweed flakes


This recipe is more like a memoir of my first Spam-cooking experience.
I have never touched any of those bizarre looking canned meat in the supermarket,
Thanks to my friend,
One day they took me to this Hawaiian joint cz my tummy was making noises again,
And that's how I first met Spam,
Right after my first bite, I'm in love with this mysterious pinkish meat.

"Slap! Slap!"
Wake up here, it's time to write about the recipe, not about how me and Spam met.
So let's do the preparation work first,
Beat up 6 eggs and set aside.
Take the Spam out and cut it into small cubes.
Don't forget to chop the onion.

After that, drizzle some olive oil in the pan, toss in chopped onion, and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt.
Cooked till the onion turned translucent.
Add the Spam cubes and cooked till the edge turned slightly brown.

Pour the eggs in, wait for few seconds for the bottom to set,
Add some dried seaweed flakes, and it's time to "scramble" it,
No need to add more salt since the Spam is salty enough,
Plus we need to pour over some ketchup over the top.

This dish is done, how simple is that?
Ok, I guess I have to say goodbye now,
My legs have been numbed for the past five minutes,
Time to leave my sweet laptop,
I'll see you guys again when my wireless is ready to go!

Cindy's Rating: 6


  1. I love it when meat and eggs are together. Always very flavorful and delicious! Great photo there again, as usual. I like the drizzle of ketchup.

  2. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Thank you for the comment again!
    Yeah, eggs are wonderful!
    I can't figure out any egg dish that I don't like!

  3. To Tigerfish~
    Haha what a catchy name huh~!

  4. think ur pics are waaaay better than mine, which camera did you use? man i wanna SLR too.....

  5. To latte&cig~

    I used Canon G9. If you want a SLR, I hightly recommend Canon. Don't know if it's just me or not, I love Canon's camera!