May 10, 2009

Ankimo - Monk Fish Liver with Ikura

Craving for icy hold beer during this sizzling hot summer?
Let me show you something yummy that goes perfectly with Japanese beer!

Ankimo (monk fish liver with ikura)-


1/2 can or 1 serving portion of monk fish liver
(you can find canned or fresh monk fish liver from Japanese supermarket)
1 tablespoon of ikura (salmon roe)
Some grated radish
Some finely chopped scallion
Ponzu sauce


Simply lay the monk fish liver in a serving dish,
Drizzle some ponzu sauce and top with ikura.

Place about 2 teaspoon full of grated radish on top and sprinkle some chopped scallion.
That's it!
Almost or exactly the same as the one you get at a sushi joint!

Cindy's Rating: 8


  1. This looks great, and the ikura on top of the ankimo looks so beautiful and round. Unfortunately I haven't eaten ankimo at all before, so I can'te even visualize how this will taste :(.

  2. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Maybe try to order it at a sushi place in the future?
    It's a love or hate dish I think, some people loves it and some just can't even take a small bite of ankimo!

  3. Monk fish liver? My first hearing it!:O

  4. one of my favorite blogs. *food*

  5. To leslielovesmakeup~

    Thank you so much!!

  6. Oh, wow. I am drooling.

    This sounds delicious!

    I wish I had a Japanese market near me!


  7. To Ivan~
    Ha yeah, I don't know how am I gonna live withouth a Japanese market now!

  8. i LOVE ankimo and i didn't know it was available at the supermarket! next time i stop by mitsuwa i'll have to look for it. yummm!

  9. To Jen~
    Yeah, last time I went there they only had the fresh one, not the canned one.
    Keep an eye on it and see if you can find the canned ankimo!