Jun 15, 2009

伍角船板 - Taiwan, Taichung

This is probably one of my favorite tea places in Taiwan,
You'll understand why after looking at some of the pictures.


I tried my best to take this picture in the rain,
You can probably tell that this dining/tea place is gonna be huge by looking at the entrace!

I think being spacious and unique are two of the main characters for Taichung's tea places,
And this is especially the case for 伍角船板,

2 floors plus 1 underground area-

The underground area also including a big pound-

They also display some sculptures around the entrance-

Space-wise, this place is awesome, but how about food?
I think it's pretty good for a tea place,
Well, at least I considered 伍角 as a tea joint instead of as a restaurant.
They have a set menu which you can pick among various main dishes for $8 or $12 U.S. Dollars,
You also get a drink, small dessert, stewed chicken soup, and a vegetable dish with the set you picked,
Quite a bargain yeah?


I picked German pork knuckle as my main dish-

My friend picked Shaoxing drunk chicken (boneless, what a plus!), which was prepared with several Chinese herbs and Shaoxing wine-

Stewed chicken soup-

I love it, they used lots of garlic cloves while making the soup,
The aroma was unbelievable, and the chicken meat was very tender.

Vegetable dishes-

Flavorful yet not too heavy,
The bottom one contains wood ear, glass noodles, celery, and other ingredients,
They used sha cha sauce (Chinese barbecue cause) with vinegar I think, I really enjoy it.

The other vegetable dish...I don't have much memory about it...cz my friend ate it all...

Dessert, friend mochi coated with peanut powder-

I'm not a big fan of chewy dessert so no comment about it.

伍角 really is an awesome place, highly recommended if you ever come visit Taichung,
This city has so many stylish tea places,
You get to see amazing structural design and enjoy your meals at the same time,
Just by how much? Less than $10!! Definitely worth it!

Overall Rating: 7

伍角船板 - 台中
#6, Fu-Hue E Street, Shi Tun Area, Taichung


  1. This looks so fabulous! The restaurant in general is very interesting- it's not often to see such a big pond in a restaurant!

    And so much food! Such a great deal. If they gave you some rice it would have been a complete meal already. The food looks so fresh and yummy.

  2. I guess you had a wonderful evening. The restaurant looks breath-taking...

  3. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Oh yeah I forgot about that,
    They do give you rice, rice comes with yam!!

    To Anja~
    Yeah, had a great time there!! The restaurant was built by a woman (and that woman kept emphasizing on the website or on the flyer that it was built by a "woman!!")

  4. I am in complete awe.

    I would love to visit there one day!

    Thank you for sharing and the wonderful pics and write-up.

    Take care,


  5. To Ivan~
    Thanks! Email me if you ever gonna visit Taiwan.
    I can write up a "to eat list" for you!

  6. Did not know of this place when I was there! Maybe it is new!

  7. To Tigerfish~
    When were you in TW?? This place (Taichung one) has been there for a while though!