Jun 5, 2009

L'idiot Restaurant - 里帝歐

My first official lunch (excluding homemade food) in Taiwan,
L'idiot restaurant!
Wait a second, I'm suppose to eat something like stinky tofu, spicy hot pot instead of western food right?
Well, I was in the mood of trying out new places instead of searching for local dishes,
But don't be surprised, Taiwan does have lots of decent western restaurants, and L'idiot was one of them.

Some decor inside the restaurant-

I didn't get a chance to walk around and take nice pictures,
First I was kinda..shy...ok call me chicken,
And it was around lunch hour, too many customers there for me to scoop around.

The main decor is this mosaic thing, or mosaic whale,
This picture only shows a small portion of the whale, it actually circles all the way to the back-

Let's talk about food,
Start out with bread and garlic flavored butter-

Complimentary appetizer, homemade cheese on a crouton, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and honey-

Garden salad-

Pumpkin soup-

I'm trying my best here to describe the dishes since I forgot to take a picture of the menu.
The soup was very creamy, and the crunchy bacon bits on the top adds more texture to it.

Curry chicken satay with cous cous and salad-

Seared chicken breast stuffed with...., some kind of creamy ground meat, very good.
Comes with tomato and bell pepper cubes on the bottom.
The crunchy and salty skin was the highlight of this dish-

Peach parfait with toasted sesame cookie sheet-

Complimentary lollipop-

I put them in my purse and hours after...lollipop turned sugar crumbs..
I like this place,
The price was reasonable,
Well, the lunch sets are ranging from $12 to $22 U.S. Dollars,
But remember the place is in Taiwan, so $12 for a meal is not THAT cheap, and not THAT expensive of course.

L'idiot was spacious, and the service was great,
I heard they also serve brunches during weekends,
Should be a good choice for brunch in Taipei.

Cindy's Rating: 7

L'idiot Restaurant 里帝歐
1st floor, number. 156, Section. 3, Min-Shen East Road, Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 2545-6966


  1. pumpkin soup? i would love to try that one day!

  2. To leslielovesmakeup~
    It's similar to broccoli soup (texture-wise). Maybe find it in some western restaurants. If you like creamy stuff maybe you'll enjoy this dish!

  3. Oh, this is funny--in the movie, LA Story, there's a restaurant they make fun of called "L'Idiot" which looks like "The Idiot" in French!


  4. To Ivan~
    Oh interesting!
    Btw, I tried "small eat" in taiwan..had sticky tofu...then I got stomachache...maybe I should stick with restaurant food..

  5. This looks fabulous! I recently read about L'idiot at another blog too :). What a coincidence!

    The lollipop looks very beautiful- so thin looking! And the garlic butter looks like it was piped or melted. Very interesting...

  6. To EatTravelEat~
    Are you gonna give this restaurant a try?
    I didn't get to eat the lollipop though...I crushed it really well in my bag..

  7. Cindy,

    Maybe, if I get to go to Taiwan in the first place :).

  8. Delicious...I can't believe it is in Taiwan. Looks like a fancy restaurant in Europe.

  9. To Mrs. the point~
    Wow haven't seen you for a while,
    How are things? Still making yummy food?

  10. I find the name completely tragic. L'idiot? Am I somehow missing the great pun?

  11. To SinoSoul~
    It's a sense of humor from the owner, don't take it too seriously!
    (^ __.^)b