Dec 26, 2009

Animamix Biennial Visual Attract & Attack - Taiwan Taipei

Sorry that I haven't updated my blog for a long time,
I'm currently traveling in Taiwan (Horray for winter break!),
I do have internet at home..
But somehow my parents lost the password for the wireless network,
And my desktop at home is super slow,
Seriouly, I felt like smashing the monitor numerous times already...
(It can take up to 10 seconds sometimes to load one page...)

So before I head to a cafe with wireless service,
Let me just post some pics of a current exhibition at MOCA Taipei,
Animamix Biennial Visual Attract & Attack,
Pretty cool stuff!

Some sculptures-

"Miss" Murakami-

Baby spider man-

Painting (the second panda from the right is so cute!)-

Highly recommended exhibition!
If you are in Taiwan, come check it out,
It's unlike some of the "artsy" stuff that are hard to understand,
(Like staring at a giant painting with 2 blocks of colors...),
This one is fun and interactive, I'm loving it!

MOCA Taipei - Museum of Contemporary Art


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  2. 123 123, STOP SPAMMING OTHER SITES!!! Ruthless person are you.

    Sorry Cindy, that person has been quite annoying with my site too. Always uses the same sentence starter and then links to a porn website.

    But these photos are fabulous even if your wireless network is super slow! Love each and every one of them. Is it just me or do Asian countries love making guys into girls and the other way around too?

  3. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Thank you so much! That really is annoying! If I get more of these kinda comments later on I gonna change my comment moderator setting!
    Btw, Happy new year!!

  4. Cindy,
    Happy new year to you too! That spammer came to my blog twice but didn't leave any more comments after talking to him about PG content on blogs! Those types of links would have gotten reported. I was going to report your blog for you, but was afraid Blogger was going to look at your content and not the comments left.

  5. Hey, you are back in Taiwan again! Oh my, you run back and forth quite frequently, don't you? Just like how I run between SGP and CA. But I do hope to visit less of SGP next yr onwards, cos it's so so tiring to fly and there is NO DIRECT FLIGHT!

    Happy 2010! and enjoy your trip :)