Feb 9, 2010

Napa Valley Wine Tasting - Domaine Carneros

I just got back from my weekend getaway in San Francisco and Napa Valley,
The timing of this trip must be perfect,
It was a rare sunny weekend up there,
And right after I flew back to Orange County,
"BOOM!" A storm just started forming around the bay area,
Two days passed,
The news broadcast was showing a dark orange area on the map, around SF, which means heavy rainfall with 30 to 50 minutes delayed flights,
Lucky me!

So as I scanned through the pictures I took during the trip,
Surprisingly, I couldn't find any "presentable" food pictures to show you guys,
Most of them were too blurry,
What can I say? It's so hard to take high quality pictures in dark places,
And yeah, what's up with all the restaurants making their dining environment so gloomy-looking?
(Or it's simply my bad photography skills...sigh...wait, that means time for a new camera!!)

As a result, this is what I came up with, some better pictures from Domaine Carneros-

The winery is designed as a beautiful chateau, similar to the one in France,
It also has a great view of the surrounding hills and vineyards-

Wine tasting-

Bird waiting for people to leave their table in order to eat the pairing food-

(Birds in Napa eat like a king with all the gourmet food!)

To tell you the truth, I don't really know much about wine,
My knowledge is limited to a certain degree,
Swirling the wine glass or sticking my nose there trying to find some familiar scents.

Sometimes I feel like it's a waste for me not knowing too much about wine,
There is quite a few times where I can get a hold of some of the expensive, well-known wines, and I did drink them.
But....but I really can't tell much of a difference among tables of glasses...

It's definitely an acquired taste...
Just like my tea I guess, if I drink it regularly, I'm sure I can develop my own distinctive taste of wine...
Mmmm I guess that takes a lot of time and $$$...

Let me just explore to the world of tea, cheese, and chocolate first,
Food and drinks are deep stuff, seriously.

Domaine Carneros
1240 Duhig Road
Napa, CA 94559
(880) 716 - BRUT (2788)


  1. The rain is big these days! Almost sounded like people walking on the ceiling in one building I was in...

    As for the photos did you try the exposure compensation or a higher ISO setting? Helps for me. Dark places for photos are so annoying :(.

  2. To EatTravelEat~
    Yeah I use both higher ISO and probably F 3. something, plus higher exposure time. I guess my hand just not steady enough haha!