Oct 14, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - WATER

Third time is the charm!

It's my third time participating in Blog Action Day,
Three years have passed, time truly flies,
And yes, we all realized time does passes by in a blink of an eye,
So instead of sitting there doing nothing, we all can start a small habit change in order to make our world a better place to live,
Come on my beloved readers, let's get movin! (shuffle shuffle)

The theme of the year is water.

Let me present you the data distracted from Blog Action Day 2010 to showcase the importance of water, and the seriousness of this issue:

"The problem of scarce clean water:

Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water, which causes a litany of struggles, diseases and even death.

40 Billion Hours: African women walk over 40 billion hours each year carrying cisterns weighing up to 18 kilograms to gather water, which is usually still not safe to drink.

38,000 Children a Week: Every week, nearly 38,000 children under the age of 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions.

Wars Over Water: Many scholars attribute the conflict in Darfur at least in part to lack of access to water. A report commissioned by the UN found that in the 21st century, water scarcity will become one of the leading causes of conflict in Africa.

A Human Right: In July, to address the water crisis, the United Nations declared access to clean water and sanitation a human right over. But we are far from implementing solutions to secure basic access to safe drinking water. Water over-consumption in industrialized countries:

While the developing world faces a water crisis, those in industrialized countries consume far more than their fair share.

Food Footprint: It takes 24 liters of water to produce one hamburger. That means it would take over 19.9 billion liters of water to make just one hamburger for every person in Europe.

Technology Footprint: The shiny new iPhone in your pocket requires half a liter of water to charge. That may not seem like much, but with over 80 million active iPhones in the world, that's 40 million liters to charge those alone.

Fashion Footprint: That cotton t-shirt you're wearing right now took 1,514 liters of water to produce, and your jeans required an extra 6,813 liters.
Bottled Water Footprint: The US, Mexico and China lead the world in bottled water consumption, with people in the US drinking an average of 200 bottles of water per person each year. Over 17 million barrels of oil are needed to manufacture those water bottles, 86 percent of which will never be recycled."

As a food blogger,
All I'm asking is please stop or at least reduce the amount of bottled water consumption.

Try to order regular water (or so tap water) instead of bottled water,
Especially in a fancy restaurant, they always further ask if you would like imported bottled water,
No need ok? Really, no need.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against bottled water,
I think every household should stock some only in the case of preparing for emergencies,
However, for regular consumption, just drink tap water,
Go get a filter or something if needed.

That's all I'm asking now. Something small.

*And recycle please.


  1. What if you prefer sparkling water?

  2. To KevinEats~
    I guess at least try not to consume it as often if you can. Depends on the situation, but usually it's very energy consuming to have water/sparkling water being bottled, and went through all the processes and transportations for the final products to come to consumers' hands.

    Think before you buy!

  3. Ok I found this article. Chez Panisse has gotten rid of all bottled water. They're serving filtered tap water, and even installed a carbonator so customers can have sparkling water.

    This is something that I'd like to see more restaurants adopt!

  4. To KevinEats~
    Great! I'm glad there's a better alternative now, thanks for telling me!

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