Oct 9, 2010

dineLA Restaurant Week - Craft

Is it just me or...I feel like there's some sort of restaurant week event every other month?
Don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining,
You'll definitely see me dancing in circles if they hold this kind of promotion every day.
*munch munch.

So let me quickly share my thoughts on Craft before Restaurant Week ends,
*(October 10 - October 15, 2010).
By the way, I tried Campanile last time for lunch,
Here's the review,
The food was better than I expected,
You can even to-go some fresh bread since La Brea bakery is just right next door.

Back to Craft -

It's next to some commercial high-rise buildings,
I wonder if these executives dine at Craft all the time during lunch hours.

Right after walking into the restaurant,

Doesn't that makes you feel like shooting the maitre d' for fun??
Especially after 30 minutes wait,
oh yeah, we did wait for a while even after making a reservation few days earlier,
Maybe the Restaurant Week event is having an effect on this place.

Passing through the bar area -

As we settled down at our table -

Warm and cozy ambience,
Let me give you a brief intro of this place before my food porn starts,
Tom Colicchio is the man behind the entire Craft-series restaurants,
Sound familiar?
Maybe you saw him as the head judge on the Bravo TV show Top Chef?
Yes, That's the guy.
As for Craft - Los Angeles branch, Anthony Zappola and Shannon Swindle are the two head chefs in charge of the dishes.

Here it comes our bread -

I didn't get a picture of the butter that was being smeared all over the bread,
But seriously, it was good,
Pure buttery aroma, it was so creamy that I just wanna shuffle the whole thing into my fridge and eat it as dessert.
It is THAT good.

Friend brought a bottle of wine to go with our food -

Breathe -

(They didn't charge us the corkage fee)

Here it comes our first course, served in family style -

Braised octopus with mint vinaigrette.
Good but not spectacular.

Chicory salad with Asian pear and balsamic -

One of my top three dishes of the day,
Especially when you bite into the pear, together with little salt flakes,
They were having a little party in my mouth.

Sides, first is market vegetables -

Just regular veggies with some baby roots.

Italian butternut squash puree -

I seriously can't remember how it really taste like,
Everybody finished it way ahead of me because I was still taking pictures,
Sometimes my camera does get in the way of me enjoying food,
Oh well, feast with my eyes!

Second course, braised beef cheek,
Served with Yukon gold potato puree and orange -

You can really feel the collagen from the meat,
I was surprised how big these pieces are,
I guess same thing applies to beef tongue, I can never imagine a cow can have such a huge tongue...

Wild skate wing with Anson Mills grits and walnuts -

Never had skate before so decided to give it a try,
The texture is similar to flounder,
The semi-sweet walnuts definitely bring up the flavor, without it, it'll be a regular dish.

35 day dry-aged sirloin (not included in the dineLA menu) -

Comes with roasted bone marrow, topped with lots of chives.

How to describe the flavor of dry-aged beef..
It's a wee bit like eating a very well cured ham,
There were layers of different hints as you bit into the meat, really enjoyed it.

Room for dessert? Qui!

Chocolate panna cotta with hazelnut crumble -

I actually picked out the crumble even though it was made with my favorite ingredient,
Just..it was so salty...way too salty for dessert.
However, the panna cotta itself is very creamy, kind of like intensified chocolate milk in a panna cotta form.

Front: Ricotta cheesecake (not included in the dineLA menu)
Back: Spiced pear shortcake with Cajeta ice cream and candied pecans

Cheesecake - on the salty side.
Shortcake - tastes more like a scone but the ice cream part was good,
The pear that comes with it had a strong cinnamon aroma, if you are a cinnamon lover, you'll fall in love with it (sadly, I'm not).

Complimentary popcorn, chocolate rice crisps, and lemon marshmallows -

Chocolate rice crisps were so salty too...

Overall I think Craft did pretty well for savory dishes,
As for dessert, almost everything we had that night was over-salty,
I mean, I dig salty dessert..but this was way overboard.

Side note: service was attentive, friendly staff, always carry a sincere smile.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Craft Los Angeles
10100 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 279-4180


  1. I've sampled pastry chef Shannon's dessert at LEAST 3 times (at both food festivals and the dessert) since he's taken over the dessert menu from Catherine Schimenti. Have to say nearly everything's spot on. Chowballa also wrote a glowing review re: Craft's DineLA menu. I swore off DineLA dinners after last year's ho-hum Spago experience, but it looks like we're going to Craft after reading 2 good reviews. Thanks!

  2. To sinosoul.com~
    Thanks for the comment! If you get a chance, let me know what you think of their dineLA menu this time!

  3. You are lucky to dine in a restaurant every week :) ...

  4. To Tigerfish~
    I need my little getaway from work and school stuff haha. And I mean that by just simply enjoy other people's yummy food (no more dish washing!)