Nov 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Dinner"S" - Asian Style

Happy belated Thanksgiving!
Everybody all gained some weight this week?
If yes (and a lot), then congratulations, mission accomplished,
Thanksgiving is at least 50% meant to be a fun week full of food, and fat,
But no worries, we'll all start working out the extra numbers, starting the following Monday!

So what have I been eating these couple days?
It's not just Thanksgiving dinner, it's dinner"S!"
One little greedy foodie!

First night, pre-Thanksgiving dinner - potluck style,
Instead of turkey, we had a giant lobster as our main course!

Lobster dish (before) -

Lobster dish (after) -

This crustacean was marinated first before deep frying,
Underneath the lobster is Chinese egg noodles,
In addition, every ingredients were drizzled with special-made sauce to boost up the flavor.

Some live clams on the counter -

Steamed egg with clams -

This steam egg was silky and flavorful,
I got the "miracle ratio" for the main ingredients from my friend,
Maybe one day I'll cook some kind of egg custard dish and share it with you guys.

Stir fry cabbage with fermented bean curd -

Another clam dish, stir fry style with lots of Thai basil and garlic -

My stir fry ground pork, semi-Thai style,
Similar sauce recipe can be found here.

Scrambled eggs with Thai basil -

Our dining table was full of homemade goodies,
My friends all cook like real chefs, lucky me!

A meal won't be complete without something sweet right?
So here it was, chocolate chip cookies by me,
The texture is more like shortbread cookies instead of the "regular" kind,
*I looked through my blog and found nothing in regards to "regular" chocolate chip cookies recipe,
But I made it so many times already..?...
Maybe it's time to add another dessert post once I get to digest all the food in my system,
By the way, the recipe for this version of chocolate chip cookies will be posted in the near future. 

.....The very next day...real Thanksgiving dinner,
This time, I got to enjoy the food without running around in the kitchen,
Thank you Su Family!

Turkey two way,
The first one is roasted turkey with Chinese sticky rice as stuffing -

The bird might look small from the picture,
But don't let the image fooled you, the portion was huge!

The other half of the bird went to a big pot of soup with Chinese medicinal herbs -

I only had a small bowl, see, not so greedy afterall.

Stir fry greens with scallops -

Stir fry pork liver slices with Sacha sauce -

Stir fry veggies with Sacha beef -

Fried meat balls (very moist inside!) -

Roasted beef -

Braised daikon with dried scallops (chopsticks tender) -

Fried taro ball -

I think all the gyms will be full people sweating the fat off the following Monday, and Tuesday...maybe Wednesday too.

It's all worth it.


  1. I had crabs for Thanksgiving Dinner! ;D Steamed crabs...also starts with "S"

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Ha nice! It's the perfect season for crabs!!!

  3. happy belated thanksgiving to u too :)

    yummy yummy dinner u had.. n that lobster is like its a sin to not give it a bite..

    ll wait for the choco cookie post :)

  4. To Nilcha~
    Thank you so much! I'll have the cookies recipe up in few days!

  5. Wow everything looks so good! What a great Thanksgiving! :D

  6. To Leaf (The Indolent Cook)~
    Thank you so much! After such a feast/s, time to get back on track and start working out some of the extra weight!

  7. Wow! those all look so good! Beautiful photos!

  8. To Dimah~
    Thank you so much!
    Happy be-lated Thanksgiving!

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I've been following your blog for a while now and wanted to finally leave a comment. What a great looking Thanksgiving feast! Love the photos.

  10. To Yena~
    Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Happy be-lated Thanksgiving!! Glad you like the post!