Dec 24, 2010

My Short Lived Gingerbread House

Setting: Gloomy day in the living room, pardon my yellowish pictures.
*(been rainy for weeks in SoCal, glad it finally stopped right before Christmas)

Intent: Having a beautiful gingerbread house for my Christmas display.

So what happened?
Let the pictures lead you through my gingerbread house experience 2010.

Got this gingerbread house kit on the day before Christmas Eve -

It comes with some premade house-shaped gingerbread cookies -

So far so good, even though my hands were covered in sticky icing -

Ground work completed -

Wait for 15 minutes...then it's time to decorate the house! -

After battling with gooey icing and uncooperative fingers -

Snowman close-up -

Immediately after taking the picture...

Cindy's gingerbread house 2010 - lasted for 5 minutes,
I blame it to the weather.


  1. I think that scary smile on your snowman made your house collapse! You're supposed to make a CUTE smile, like on the box! ;-) I've enjoyed your blog all year...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. To Jumpcut~
    I wanted to use green icing to make the "smile," but I guess I'm really not an expert with piping bags haha! Merry Xmas!!