Jan 17, 2011

Fleur by Hubert Keller

As a food blogger,
It is pretty expectable when I'm saying a few of my favorite TV shows are from Food Network and Travel Channel,
But there's one more indelible series I've got to watch,
Bravo's Top Chef!
Check the link here if you're not all familiar with it.

They even brought the show up to another notch a while ago called - Top Chef Masters,
Several already well-famed, world renowned chefs competing for their choice of charity and the title of top chef masters.

Man, that was such a fun season,
The show provides a chance for a closer look of these usually behind-the-scene chefs.
After following many tough competitions and high level challenges,
Hubert Keller, one of the last three remaining chefs, totally won over my heart.

I've turned myself into Hubert's little fan ever since.
Music fans support the musicians by buying their music,
So what about food fans?
We DEVOUR chefs' creations!

Fleur by Hubert Keller (Las Vegas, inside Mandalay Bay) -

It was a light lunch occasion,
Our waiter was wonderful, not the hostess though,
She was having a stinky face the whole time.

As we sat down and ordered some food,
The waiter informed us that our food will be sending out based on light-to-heavy flavor profile.

They offer chopsticks too -

Since we're having lunch,
Our dining area is located on the first half of the restaurant open to the hotel area,
There's the other half of the space for dinner only with a large wine selection display along the wall.

Pan con tomate -

Toasted ciabatta, tomato, garlic, with a thinly sliced manchego.

Gnocchi -

San marzano fondue, pesto.
The gnocchi was indeed light and fluffy, which matches the heavy pesto sauce brilliantly.

Italian style meatballs with minestrone garnish -

Sadly three was not enough,
I myself can eat at least 10 of it!

Skirt steak -

Chimmichurri, roasted fingerling, créme fraiche.

Additional order: croque monsieur -

Smoked ham, gruyere, béchamel.

Cheesecake lollipop -

White chocolate, kumquat,-gingerbread, strawberry coolie.

Overall the food was pretty good,
Light tasting, but definitely not bland,
Somehow these dishes gave me an "elegant" flavor profile,
It's like that pleasant aroma keeps lingering in my mouth even long after the meal.

Dessert was the low-light of the day,
The presentation is fun and playful, however the taste was not quite there,
It felt a wee bit sour cream overload.

Anways, not sure about Fleur's dinner items,
But absolutely worth the try for lunch!

Fleur by Hubert Keller - Las Vegas
*Inside Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd (South)
Las Vegas, NV 89119


  1. I was just in LV last week (for the closing of Alex at Wynn) and was curious about this place. It replaces Fleur de Lys, Keller's higher-end restaurant. I guess people are moving toward more casual fare, even in Vegas. I just hope Robuchon or Savoy aren't next.

  2. To KevinEats~
    Yeah I understand. But I do like it when they offer different kind of menu though, even for a more "casual" kind. That actually gets more people in trying and learning about food (in a way, I hope!)

  3. I love how you're still posting about Vegas, etc. from Taiwan.

    Good times!

  4. To sinosoul.com~
    I was still in CA when I posted about Vegas~!