Jan 4, 2011

What Is This?? Stir Fry...Unidentified Vegetables with Bacon

Hooray my first post of 2011!

After days of binge eating just like how I expected right before the holidays:
Non-stop grilled meat, spicy hot pot, and endless boba milk tea,
The healthy eating God finally shined on me today,
Yes, it's definitely the time to get back on the less greasy track.

Let's see what they have in the grocery store...
No eggs...no small pack of basil...no lactose free milk...
What?!? Was this store raided by a bunch of hungry customers?

But a fine home cook like me should be able to cope with any emergency situations,
As I quickly crossed out the original shopping list items,
This fresh and bright purple colored veggie caught my attention -

What is this?
The label says "broccoli," but...eh?
I also grabbed one additional white colored "broccoli" to my basket -

When I was at the check-out register,
The lady tried to find a code for these veggies,
After several flips of her "coding booklet,"
She decided that these purple and white things are indeed "broccoli flower."
Eh? You sure?

Whatever the names, it's gonna be on my dinner plate tonight.


2 unidentified vegetable (possibly broccoli-related)
3 bacon strips
2 garlic cloves
Some sea salts
Some freshly ground black pepper
Some olive oil (depends)


Peel and mince 2 large garlic cloves,
Cut the bacon strips into smaller pieces,
Cut off the veggie stems and rinse the leaves with water thoroughly,
Once done, drain well and set aside -

Toss the bacon to a pan and turn to high heat,
Sprinkle some salts and pepper, give it a quick stir,
Cook till there's enough bacon fat covering the surface,
Add in minced garlic,
Transfer the veggies to the mixture right before the garlic gets burned.

The leaves will start to wilt down a wee bit,
You might need to drizzle additional olive oil if the ingredients appear to be on the dry side.

Give it a quick taste and add more salts if needed.

So this mysterious veggie has a tougher texture,
This time I cooked it stir-fry style,
But I'm guessing it'll taste even better when baking slowly in the oven,
Turning the leaves  into veggie chips and maybe serve with homemade aioli sauce?

I think it'll be hella good.


  1. I don't know what it is but it looks delicious! Definitely a great way to add color to the dish. And a stir-fry is a great way to cook anything,

  2. That purple stuff is Flowering Kale and don't ever try to cook it in the oven or you might shoot yourself.


  3. To Evan Thomas~
    With bacon too!

    To DanGarion~
    Ohhh that's the name! Thanks for telling me otherwise it'll always be a mystery for me!

  4. broccoli? They look more like the lettuce family to me, esp the leaves.

  5. To Tigerfish~
    DanGarion (earlier commenter)said it's flowering kale! Such a pretty vegetable!

  6. Great stuff! I wish you and all your readers a great 2011!

  7. To Stella~
    Thank you so much! Happy New Year!!! Eat well everyday!

  8. I love the color of this! looks delicious
    Happy New Year!

  9. To Dimah~
    Thank you so much,
    I was so amazed by this vibrant purple color!
    Feast for the eyes!