Apr 7, 2011

Shifen Scenery Spot Pictures (Yes I know It's Unrelated to Food)

One benefit of living close to family is that I'll never have to worry about food,
Stewed pork, Indian curry, red bean soup; you name it, we have it,
Either my mom or my dad will have all the dishes ready in the kitchen for me to pick up as my next day meal.

There really is nothing to complain about parents over-feeding their child,
But per my case, that means less chance to cook and write up recipes for this blog!!

Since I still got leftover spicy hot pot and my dad's beef consommé in the fridge,
Why don't we consider this as a break from my scary cooking?
Let's look at some travel pictures from a scenery spot called "Shifen" from Taiwan.

Shifen is known for its waterfalls, but before reaching the water, you need to pass by this little town surrounded by railroads -

Surviving through the crack -

Grandma's homemade sticky pumpkin cake is really good (the orange thing). See! There's food picture involved after all -

Others selling traditional Taiwanese cakes -

Lantern store -

After the town, there's the bridge -

We're getting close -

Small fall first -

View of that smaller fall from the other side of the bridge -

Almost there! -

Shifen waterfall -

Side view -

This grass is living a good life here -

Saw this on the way back, chicken wing stuffed with sticky rice, glazed with teriyaki sauce -

This is the final product, pretty good!
Too bad I couldn't take a clearer picture, I wanted to eat the chicken wing badly so kind of careless about my picture quality....

Lastly, this is me after overloading tons of cookies and cakes during the trip...

I guess even without my parents' cooking, I still tend to overfeed myself...
( > _.< )"


  1. Very pretty pictures! The sticky pumpkin cake and the other cake in the picture look very appetizing. :) Like the smooth waterfall pictures too!

  2. To EatTravelEat~
    Thank you so much! I like that place, will probably go visit again one of these days!

  3. I know the place Jiufen, not so sure about Shifen. :O ....lucky gal!

  4. To Tigerfish~
    ohhh Jiufen, well, next time if you're in Taiwan, try Shifen (十分)!