Apr 30, 2011

Weekend Brunch Twist - Rotisserie Chicken, Strawberry, and Ricotta Croissant Sandwich

I'll be off to my road trip to Monterey, CA in a bit,
But before my weekend begins, let me show you this easy recipe that not only help in cleaning out leftover rotisserie chicken, but can also be done in less than 10 minutes!

*So you get more time enjoying the weekend free time strolling down the beach, climbing that little hill, or the best of all, sleeping in instead of figuring out what to cook for the family!

Rotisserie chicken, strawberry, and ricotta croissant sandwich -

Ingredients (for 2)?

2 plain croissants
4 large strawberries (and maybe a few more to munch on the side)
Some leftover rotisserie chicken
Some ricotta cheese
Some walnuts
Some honey


Strawberry is our key ingredient here -

Rinse the fruit and pat dry, cut into thin slices.

Cut the croissant in half so we can make a sandwich out of it,
For the rotisserie chicken, cut the leftover meat into smaller pieces so it'll fit perfectly on our croissant.
Ready to assemble?

Take the halved croissant,
Spread a thin layer of ricotta cheese over and line the sliced strawberries on top -

Put the chicken pieces over the strawberry slices,
Sprinkle the walnuts (even better with toasted walnuts) and drizzle some quality honey -

Lastly, put the other half of the croissant over to make a sandwich,
Voila -

Here it goes your no hassle weekend brunch,
Off I go to Monterey!

Cindy's Rating: 7


  1. PERFECT! I've been needing a good strawberry recipe as I bought 12 pints yesterday! I also actually do have ricotta in the house, too. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  2. To Sophia~
    I'm so glad my recipe can help you utilizing all that strawberries!! Hope you'll enjoy this croissant!