May 7, 2011

Chinese Influenced Roasted Beef with Tomatoes

Happy Saturday everyone!

I just got back from my Southern California coastline road trip and still "recuperating" from all the binge eating activities throughout past few days,
There were gigantic steaks from Jocko's Steak House,
Crab and asparagus savory crepes from Novo Restaurant and Lounge,
Hawaiian style chicken wings with green curry dipping sauce from Hula's Island Grill,
And of course a few cups of fiber boosts to help me digest all these meaty goodies during the trip.

Sad thing is, too much fun can actually cause some serious damage when trying to get back to normal and boring schedule,
Symptoms including:
Sense of guiltiness,
Swollen belly,
And the most menacing of all, I kept asking for more,
More steaks, more seafood, more rice, more noodles,
You name it, I want it!! 
This can't be good....arghhhHHHHH (roaring beast)....

And this recipe below definitely doesn't help curing my food craving disorder (or maybe I should just embrace it and let binge eating be a part of my regular lifestyle?)

Chinese influenced roasted beef with tomatoes -

Ingredients (small/medium portion)?

1 lb of beef (the fattier the better, I just picked the cheapest one available)
2 large tomatoes
1 medium potato
2 carrots
3 garlic cloves
1 medium onion
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of mirin
2 teaspoons of Sriracha sauce
1 cup of hot water
Some olive oil
Some sea salt
Some freshly ground black pepper


Cut the beef into large bite size cubes,
Bring a small pot of water to a boil, toss in the beef cubes and cook till the dirty bits come out,it should take less than one minute,
Drain the water and set the beef aside,
Don't boil the beef for too long otherwise it's gonna get tough and tasteless.

For the veggies,
Dice up one onion, peel and cut the carrot/potato into smaller cubes,
Chop the tomatoes into large cubes, peel the garlic cloves and finely dice them -

Take a pot or a big pan,
Drizzle some olive oil and turn to high heat,
Toss in diced onion, sprinkle some salt and pepper,
Let it cook till the onion turns slightly translucent, add the garlic and cook till that garlicky aroma comes out,
Turn to medium heat,
Add the carrot and potato, add additional small pinch of salt, cook for another 3 minutes -

Add in beef cubes, soy sauce, oyster sauce, mirin, and Sriracha sauce,
You can definitely add more spicy seasoning if you want this dish to be mouth-burning hot!

Mix well and keep cooking for about 2 minutes -

Add the tomato cubes, give it a quick stir then pour in almost 1 cup of hot water,
Bring the sauce to a boil and turn to lower heat,
Put on the lid and let it simmer for 40 minutes to an hour then you'll have this comforting meal -

One tip here is to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces so the food can be done in a short period of time,
My potato cubes were fork tender only after 30 minutes of simmering,
Preferably serve with steam white rice!

(Now you know why I can't stop myself from eating even after the trip? it a bless or a sin??)

Cindy's Rating: 8


  1. I feel you! I think I might still be recovering from my trip to Hawaii which happened almost a month ago. Your recipe looks perfect and your pictures are just lovely!!

  2. To Sarah,
    Thank you so much! It's been a week here and I'm still trying to cut down on my food intake. I guess I kinda "expanded" my stomach during the trip...