Jul 16, 2012

One Other Way to Utilize Leftover Ingredients - Healthy Porridge

I made stewed beef tongue the other day and left with extra celery and chicken stock in the fridge. Usually for leftover ingredients, I prefer to turn them into fried rice, spaghetti, or frittata as my next yummy meal. But this time, since chicken stock is involved, porridge might be a good idea to help me free up some space in the fridge.

Healthy porridge with shirasu, leftover veggies, and chicken stock -

Ingredients (4 to 5 portion)?

2 cups of brown rice
1/2 cup of fresh shirasu (baby anchovy)
3 stalks of celery
2 stalks of scallion
6 shitake mushroom
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
Some unsalted chicken stock
Some white pepper powder
Some sea salt if needed
Some white sesame seeds if desired


Discard the stems from the mushroom and chop the remaining into tiny cubes. Also dice the celery stalks and scallion into same size cubes.

Cook 2 cups of brown rice. Transfer the rice into a non-stick pot and add in enough chicken stock to cover all the grains. Toss in diced leftover vegetables along with grated ginger, cook with medium heat. Remember to add more chicken stock once the liquid has been absorbed by the ingredients. Repeat this step till the rice reaches your desired texture.

When the porridge is about done, add in shirasu and cook for one more minutes. Taste the mixture and see if extra sea salt is preferred. I didn't use any since this porridge is intended to serve with other salty dishes. Remember to sprinkle some white pepper powder and perhaps some white sesame seeds to add more nutritional value before serving.

It's a very easy recipe. You can basically chop all the leftover vegetables and add into the mixture. Let it be broccoli stems, carrot, zucchini, and even leafy veggies. Just chop them into smaller pieces and toss into the pot for your next healthy and delicious meal.

I steamed some spicy Asian sausages and garlicky broccoli/tomato mix to serve with the porridge.

This can also be a good meal for someone who is suffering from flu or a cold. The porridge is easier to eat because of its liquidy texture. In addition, lots of vegetables, fish, and chicken stock are used which is exactly what a sick person needs to regain strength!


  1. I've never had rice porridge this way, and mine has always been fairly plain, but I want to try your additions!

  2. To Shirley~
    Thank you so much! You can just toss in everything and remember, the key here is to use chicken stock and some white pepper powder to make the porridge yummy!

  3. I have a folder of leftover recipes. I love making sure nothing gets wasted. It think it has become innate in me when I became a full time homemaker. I love to create extraordinary things from leftover stuff. This looks delicious!

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  4. To Yumgoggle~
    Congratulations on the new site. If you didn't say you're Myfudo I'll think this message is a spam. Best regards there.

  5. To CJ - Food Stories~
    Thank you so much, glab you like it!