Jul 10, 2012

Summer Salty Treat - Pickled Cucumber with Yogurt and White Miso


Don't get it wrong. It's not the score for this recipe, but the temperature here in Taiwan right now! As the heat keeps hiking up, all we need is a no fuzz yet refreshing recipe.

Pickled cucumber with yogurt and white miso -


2 cucumbers
1 small can of unsweetened yogurt
Some white miso
*yogurt and miso ratio - 1:2


This is a very simple recipe in which all the prep works can be done in 10 minutes. Afterwards, just wait for the seasonings soak into the cucumbers then you'll have a refreshing salty treat in couple hours.

Yogurt and white miso ratio 1:2. Remember to use unsweetened yogurt only. Whisk both ingredients together. It's a good idea to taste the miso and see how salty it is. If the miso is on the salty side, you might want to reduce the "pickled" time and vice versa.

Cut the cucumbers into bite size chunks -

Transfer the cucumber into the miso mix and cover well. Into the fridge for couple hours. If you're uncertain about how long it'll take for the seasonings to soak in or if the cucumbers will get too salty, just try one piece every hour and adjust the time amount based on your preference.

Once ready, discard most of the miso mix and plate the cucumbers before serving -

I think it'll be a refreshing appetizer for entrees like soup noodles or something spicy. The cucumbers will balance out the heat, let it be the temperature or the spiciness. Definitely cool you down one way or another!

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