Nov 29, 2012

Cancun Mercado 28 - Where's My Boba?

How's your Thanksgiving? Turkey and stuffing overload?

In my case, it's ceviche and piña colada overload since I was enjoying my holiday break somewhere warmer - Cancun, Mexico. I'll be sharing some local restaurant reviews and vacation tips during the next few posts. As for now, since there are still tons of pictures need to be organized, let me share my little food stand encounter while visiting a local market - Mercado 28.

There are a few local markets in Cancun such as Mercado 23 and Mercado 28. Mercado 23 has more of a local affair, selling groceries to people who actually live in Cancun. Mercado 28 on the other hand, is a total tourist trap. You'll only find tons of souvenirs, perhaps overpriced souvenirs there.

Recent travel advisory warning visitors not to stray too far away from the Hotel Zone. As a result, we've decided to visit Mercado 28, which is not too far off from the so called "safe area."

On the way to the main market place, my partner and I found this hole in the wall drink/snack shop with pictures of tapioca throughout. Being a Taiwanese who can't live without boba, especially boba tea, finding this store brought much joy to this adventure.

We crossed the busy road with an unwanted help from a local guy holding up a STOP sign. His purpose was not to prevent us from accident but only to receive tips. Either way, we made it to the store safely.

Then we realized..there's no boba tea here, only syrup infused drinks with options of adding boba, jelly, or other chewy stuff inside the drink.

Well, since we're already here, might as well pick something unheard of, but something that looks safe enough to try. So it is, agua de Jamaica -

The lady went ahead to prepare the drink for us. I noticed she had cactus lying on the back counter with some blended liquid in green color..hmm..maybe next time -

So here it is, agua de Jamaica -

It's actually a hibiscus tea! I never knew that "Jamaica water" is the same as the hibiscus tea we have in the states. Well, it was a pleasant surprise that the drink was in fact pretty refreshing and delicious. At least something different than the usual things we tend to get at the Hotel Zone. You know, bottled water, beer, and all that tropical fruity drinks.

My Cancun food adventure to be continued (as soon as I get all the pictures adjusted).

Later on....

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