Feb 5, 2013

Worldly Plated Ice Cream Experience - Haagen Dazs Taiwan, Taipei DunNan Store

I've been to Haagen Dazs stores many times in Taiwan ever since I was little. Unlike the ones in the states, which only sells limited items such as scoops of ice cream, cakes, and drinks; Haagen Dazs in Asia really kicks it up a notch. Let me show you how.

This is the DunNan store in Taipei, Taiwan. The entire Haagen Dazs takes up a three-story building located in a busy area where young people like to hang out for entertainments.

The first floor is mainly the display area, the second and the third floor are spacious seats for customers who want to dine indoor. Outdoor seats are also available.

Now that's what I'm talking about. You can actually get plated desserts here, and it's more than a pretty looking treats. Those fancy ice cream plates were actually created by three renown pastry chefs in the world - Jean Francois Arnaud, Anil Rohira, and Hiroshi Igarashi.

These three chefs specially created a series of eight different plated desserts using Haagen Dazs ice creams. Check out Haagen Dazs Taiwan's website for a list of these charming creations.

Before getting into details about the two plated desserts I devoured, let me briefly tell you what other items we have here for Haagen Dazs Asian stores. A good assortment of coffee and tea selections ranging from traditional Chinese tea to western herbal tea.

Other staple dine-in creations such as banana split, Belgian waffle, Lost in Manhattan (chocolate based ice cream selections served with warm brownie cake), Joyful Party (vanilla, green tea, strawberry ice cream, raspberry, mango sorbet, together with crispy almond meringue), and the list goes on.

Sounds delicious? These are merely the "regular" stuff we have in Taiwan. During winter months, Haagen Dazs even came up with Ice Cream Magic Fondue and ice cream teppanyaki style so that we can still devour these cold treats without freezing to death!

Back to my precious plated dessert,
Below is called Charlotte Kiss by chef Hiroshi Igarashi -

Main ingredients include all sorts of berries and berry flavored ice creams, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, ladyfingers, chocolate swirls, and almond brittle.

Cologne Light -

Main ingredients include chocolate ice cream, cappuccino chocolate truffle ice cream, vanilla ice cream, caramel cream cookies, and black forest cake.

Each specially plated desserts costs around $13 U.S. If you know the price for one scoop of Haagen Dazs ice cream, you'll feel that these $13 for a well plated treats and a relaxing time with friends in such a cozy environment is totally worth it.

Come give it a try if you ever travel to Asia/Taiwan, then you'll understand why I keep saying Haagen Dazs in Asia is so much better than the ones back in the states.

Haagen-Dazs Taiwan (Taipei DunNan Store)
No. 173, Section 1, DunHua South Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan 106
+011 886 (02) 2776-9553

Taiwan official website: http://haagen-dazs.com.tw/
U.S. office website: http://www.haagendazs.com/

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