Jul 7, 2013

Double the Sushi Pleasure at Sushi Sushi (Beverly Hills)

Sushi Sushi has been recommended by several friends for countless times. The only reason stopping me and Mr. K (my boyfriend by the way) from going is just that the distance is too far for us lazy OC people. However, I guess the urge of trying out new Japanese restaurant finally overwhelmed the hesitation, so one day we were determined enough to step on the gas pedal and made our "long journey" to LA County. Good thing the entire dining experience worth the 58 miles drive - one way.

Omakase is usually the way to go for when trying out high end Japanese restaurant, especially for the first time. However, Sushi Sushi also offers other more affordable sushi and tekkadon combinations starting at $24.

It's a more traditional Japanese style sushi joint, so do not except to find items like rainbow roll, Philadelphia roll, katsu don, or even ramen on the menu. The name of the restaurant already implied not only once, but twice that this is the place for "Sushi Sushi."

Omakase course generally comes with three different prices - $65, $95, $125 and up. I'm not quite sure which one we picked, most likely $95. Either way, to give you a better idea, our entire bill wound up being close to $300, that's including a 720ml bottle of sake.

Harashika 春鹿生酒 Junmai Ginjo Shiboribana, first draft pure rice sake -

Very light and smooth, just how I like my sake to be.

Hotaru ika/firefly squid/螢光烏賊 -

Try to Google the words firefly squid if you never heard of it and you'll be amazed by this night glowing marine life. Fishing season is around March to May, in which visitors also flocking to Toyama Bay in Japan to observe the magnificent blue light glowing along the shore.

Unlike most light tasting squids, the firefly squid seems to have more condensed flavor, partly from its bursting innards when biting into the meat and partly from chef's touch of ponzu seasoning.

I called it pleasure trio -

There is also other type of ika/squid underneath the uni.

Then an array of nigiri begins -

My memory fades since this visit was few months ago. However, the pictures should show that every fish used for nigiri were fresh and smooth in texture.

I like the portion of sushi rice used at Sushi Sushi. The amount is just right for one single bite and in perfect balance with the fish. Bigger is not always better in this scenario, if you get a bigger piece of the fish, then you'll need more rice to balance the flavor. Otherwise might as well just order sashimi if you're looking for a mouthful of fish chunk. 

It won't taste as good when you have to shuffle the entire thing in your month and acting like a chipmunk munching on food that make your cheeks twice as big.

I called it hula nigiri -

Light and silky -

Aji nigiri -

Kohada/gizzard shad nigiri -

Tamago/egg and oshi sushi -

Some hot dishes -

Ikura maki -

I like the overflowing effect.

Our feast continues with even more uni, sweet shrimps, octopus, and several types of shellfish -

Slightly torched uni close up -

It definitely helps in drawing out the sweetness from the uni. Slightly tarred paired with higher level of sweetness, creating a different sensation in the mouth.

Fish soup with the sweet shrimp head (I picked out the head already) -

See the camera lens cap and cell phone on the table? That's how busy I was trying to take pictures with my camera, my cell phone, and quickly finish the food before the temperature rises. The chefs were very friendly despite seeing me taking so many pictures. They were actually discussing about why some sushi restaurants do not allow guests taking pictures.

I might be biased since I'm one of the food picture frenzy member. However, as long as it doesn't disturb other customers and the chefs of course, and as long as you don't take too much time and spoil the fresh taste of the food, I think pictures can be part of the dining experience that help customers to"regurgitate" the delicious memories in the future.

Dessert menu -

We picked lemon sorbet and matcha pudding -

Lemon sorbet was very refreshing and not overwhelmingly sourish. I felt like I can eat even more after this dessert, highly recommended. Matcha pudding in the other hand, works more like a real dessert treat after dinner, creamy and slightly sweet to end the perfect evening.

Cindy's rating: 8 (definitely get more than $100 worth of food and experience)

Sushi Sushi
326 1/2 S. Beverly Hills Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 277-1165

Business Hours:
Lunch - Tuesday through Friday, noon to 2 p.m.
Dinner - Tuesday through Saturday, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

*Street parking (meter) available
*Make sure to call in advance for reservation, just to be safe

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