Jul 23, 2018

Far from Perfect but Still Delicious - Matcha Swiss Roll Using Just One Cookbook's Recipe

Prepping savory dishes and making desserts are like two completely different realms. I might be somewhat good at cooking daily meals (say so myself and my forever supporter Mister), but bringing sweets to the table doesn't always go as planned.

Obstacles need to be challenged, so I searched online for help, and came across Just One Cookbook's matcha Swiss roll recipe. The blog was well presented with detailed information, images, and even a video showcasing the entire cake-making process. So here it is, my very first try of making a Swill roll. 

End result wasn't perfect, and definitely rooms for numerous improvements. Texture-wise, I need to be more careful about whipping up egg whites and creamy filling, so my sponge cake can get fluffier. Skill-wise, I need more practice so the matcha cream can stay in between sponge cake instead of being squeezed out while rolling up the cake, oops. But most importantly, taste-wise the cake was pretty darn good.

(Waiting for the sponge cake to cool down) 

Despite all these defects, Mister and I are happy with my first Swill roll trial and the cake was gone in no time.

Is there anything need to be changed from the reference blog post? Nope, I think the flavor was great so that means the proportion of the ingredients were right. My cake was filled with elegant tea aroma with just the right amount of sweet touch. As for the last remaining cream, perhaps some got absorbed by the sponge cake along the way, was luscious and addictive. It's me who needs more practice. Next time it should be better, it will get better.

*By the way, the matcha Swill roll tastes even better when paired with brown sugar flavored milk.

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