Jun 7, 2008

Fukada - A Place for Handmade Soba

Wow, it's been a while since the last time I wrote about restaurant review,
What can I say?
Life's been hectic for the past couple weeks,
A sudden shift in my direction of goals have caused me quite a headache,
There's no time for trying out new places,
Thank god that everything's "kinda" settled (crossing my fingers here),
Food monger is now back into action,
Let's bring on some food!

Inside Fukada-

I like the layout of the restaurant,
Unlike most of the Japanese restaurants,
Fukada provides a very spacious environment with ample sitting area, high ceiling, and semi-open kitchen.

Soba-Making Area-

I haven't tried their handmade soba yet,
That will be my goal next time dining in Fukada,
Handmade soba....
"Grrrrrrr" my stomach is crying out loud for bouncy noodles now.

Tatsuta Age (Fried Chicken)-

Loved Japanese fried chicken,
Every place has its own recipe for the marinade and the dipping sauce,
Fukada's tatsuta age is pretty good,
But so far my favorite is still the one from Shin Sen Gumi in Founain Valley,
Haven't wrote about that place yet,
Guess I just find my excuse here to dine at Shin Sen Gumi again!

Asparagus Tempura-

Even though it's fried, this dish tastes pretty refreshing somehow.

Kakuni (can't remember the actual name on the menu) and Asahi in the back-

Usually I'll take a picture of the menu so I can have the correct name and description on the blog,
But I guess I was busy taking a picture of the restaurant while my friend was ordering the food,
Then our cute waitress took away the menu before I realized that I missed something..
Lesson learned,
Take a picture of the menu before everything else,
The restaurant layout won't disappear in a lightening speed but the menu will.
*Here's our almighty Wikipedia, where you can find more information about "kakuni."

Here's one more item that I can't remember the name,
I do know that it's some kind of soup with organic tofu,
Yes, ORGANIC tofu (FYI, I'm an organic freak!)-

One good thing about Fukada is that this place offers many healthy and hearty dishes,
They strive to use organic and free range items if possible,
For donburi, you also get to choose between white rice or brown rice,
By the way, I'm a big fan of brown rice too!

Fried Chicken Wings-

It has a hint of sweetness in its sauce,
Maybe they marinate the chicken with something sweet too,
Very good, order it if you've decided to give this place a try.

Those are just a small fraction of Fukada's menu,
They also have sushi rolls and a wide selection of hot/cold soba/udon noodles,
But next time I'll try out their special combo,
You can pick between all kinds of donburi, soba, and salads,
It'll be a perfect lunch for my next visit!

Overall Rating: 6

8683 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92718
(949) 341-0111


  1. Wow.. how do you eat so much and not get fat? =)

  2. Oh my! That looked so wonderful!! I'm very hungry now!

  3. To Joaquin~
    Mannnnn now I don't know how to reply you now, hahaha thanks (inside joke).

    To Sher~
    Haha one thing about having a food blog is that it makes you hungry all the time!

  4. I'm a soba person and a "wing" person. I will like those food :P

  5. To Tigerfish~
    Hahaha I'm guessing you must like buffalo wings too!?

  6. fukada's spicy tuna don is the best!!! :)