Jun 23, 2008

Sapphire Laguna

Went to Laguna Beach with my friend one weekend afternoon,
It was a pretty chill day,
Nice weather, good friend, and most importantly, I was in a very pleasant mood.
Our original plan was having lunch at The Hotel La Casa del Camino,
Sadly, the place was booked for a wedding event,
So we had to find another alternative place to fill up our empty stomachs.

But I was very reluctant to move on to another location because I just found an easy parking space right behind the hotel.
If you've been to Pacific Coast Highway during lunch hours,
You'll know that it's a pain in the as* to find a parking,
And most of the parking spaces are along the street,
Me!!?!! Are you asking me to park on the street!!?!
You know how dangerous that will be?
I'll probably hit like 2 cars, 1 passenger, and drive onto the curb before I can successfully park my car,
What can we do then?
Let's find another restaurant within walking distance,
Across the street, we see Sapphire Laguna.

Restaurant menu-

I've been passing by this place for so many times,
This place has a nice outdoor dining area and it's never empty,
Mmmmmm maybe this meal will be a very good one.

Let's start out with some drinks-

Mimosa and ??,
I can't remember what my friend ordered,
But my mimosa was good, perfect balance between champagne, sparkling wine, and orange juice!
And it's time to dig in!-

This is my order,
"Pan-seared barramundi, truffle frites, Cafe de Paris butter, frisee-haricots verts tossed in citronnade."
I was in love with Sapphire's truffle frites,
Its crunchiness texture together with that wonderful aroma from the truffle oil,
I'll definitely come back for truffle frites again!

My friend's order-

"Sauteed jumbo shrimp, hand-made spinach ricotta tortelloni, roasted artichoke, rosemary milk."
I didn't try it so no comment.

Still have room for dessert? Of course, bring it on!-

"Hazelnut feullitine, Buddha's hand confit, dulce de leche ice cream, citrus praline sauce."
Did I mention that I'll come back for the truffle frites?
I'll also come back for this dessert too!!
Hazelnut with chocolate, God am I in heaven,
Combine a small bite of feullitine together with a small bite of dulce de leche ice cream,
Slowly, yes, slowly put that spoon in your mouth,
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm soooooooo good!

Good weather, delicious food, and wonderful service,
Yes you heard me,
Right at the moment we walked into the restaurant,
The hostess was very polite with a sincere smile on her face the whole time,
She gave us options of eating in the patio or inside the restaurant,
And then elegantly lead us into our table.
In addition,
Our waiter kept coming back and checked on us to see if we need anything,
The table was also promptly cleaned up after each dishes,
Sapphire definitely deserves a high rating from me!

Overall Rating: 8

*Note: Sapphire's brunch entree is about $14 to $17.

Sapphire Laguna
1200 South Pacific Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-9888


  1. Oooo.. The food looks good! Too bad I live on the other side of the country, eating outdoor on a sunny patio is something we can only dream of here.
    I had truffle frites in a restaurant in New York and I still dream about them. Pretty incredible.

  2. To Zen Chef~
    Hey no time no see!
    Somehow I'm still thinking about your blog post of those lovely bugs...
    It's too funny!

  3. wow...that is a good looking meals there
    It seems like the price is high but reasonable.
    hm...I wish I live around there now.

  4. To Mrs. The Point~
    One day you'll be here!
    Just come and visit sometime!