Aug 27, 2009

Bengawan Solo - All the Way from Singapore!

Special thanks to Mr. W, who donated one box of delicious cookies to me!

But let's first examine the reasoning behind it,
At first he said he had way too many cookies already,
He felt so guilty that he had to go to the gym right away,
As a result, he decided to give it again, indulging this sweet stuff is too sinful.

Then one other friend was thinking about taking over those yummy goodies,
However, Mr. W was being so considerate, he doesn't want that friend to gain extra pounds over these cookies,
So this box, flew all the way from Singapore (as you can see the bag was already wrinkled up),
Ended up in my house-

So I guess it's ok to make me fat??
Maybe I should just put those cookies aside or feed it to other people as well (yes! make them fat!! or we can all be fat together!)

Those are the macadamia cashew sugee from Bengawan Solo,
Bengawan Solo is one of the most popular bakery chain stores in Singapore,
I can totally see why the store is so popular, these cookies were gooooood!

It tastes like butter cookies, but fluffier,
I'm guessing it was made with macadamia cashew butter,
You do get a hint of nutty aroma from these cookie,
Just a slight hint, which is good, so you won't get sick eating like 10 of them at the same time!

Better to pair up the cookies with hot tea, so it won't get too dry in your mouth,
Something like jasmine tea or rose tea will go very well with these creamy cookies.
Yum yum...
I think my friend's evil plan (of making me fat) has worked...
I just can't stop stuffing cookies into my mouth......


  1. I can SEE that they must be addictive. macadamia and cashew and butter... they look great.

  2. Sounds so good and so fat :). I can see by the photos how delicious they are. Looks so tender and fluffy!