Aug 8, 2009

Yun Kan Beef Noodles 永康牛肉麵

I'm back to California!
Well, I've been back for two weeks, just didn't get a chance to update my blog,
Ok...I was slacking off...blame it to the jet lag..
So this is gonna be my last post regarding yummy restaurants in Taiwan this summer,
But don't be disappointed, I shall return to my home country in December again!
(Life is good traveling around)

So this is the beef noodles joint that's been opened for more than 40 years,
The main flavor of the soup is coming from spicy bean paste and other spices of course,
But it doesn't carry any strong Chinese herbs aroma,
It's more like Sichuan style noodles-

We first start out with some appetizers,
This is stewed bean curd 滷花干-

Sichuan pickled cabbage 四川泡菜 and my favorite: steamed intestines 粉蒸肥腸-

They put sweet potato on the bottom of the intestines, so sweet, super good,
And the intestines are so soft too, not chewy at all, LOVE it!

Here's where the ladies scooped the pickled cabbage for us, inside that big pot-

*They also use some Sichuan peppercorns while making the pickled veggies.

Braised beef soup noodles 紅燒牛肉湯麵-

I think my dad had too much meat the night before so he decided not to have beef this time,
Interestingly, the owner knows what my dad wants without asking him,
How in the world he knows if my dad wants beef or not??
Mystery unsolved.

Back to the food, my dad added a lot of pickled cabbage (another kind of pickled cabbage) to his soup,
The texture is similar to sauerkraut,
He also put a lot of chili paste in the soup, bang! 3 big spoons!
Yun Kan's chili paste is super spicy, I can only handle 2 big spoonful if I'm in the mood for ultra spicy meals!

Here's my fried pork chop noodles 排骨麵-

I've been having their fried pork chop noodles since I was little,
Weird huh? Why am I going for the pork chop noodles if they're famous for beef noodles,
Maybe cause I like to enjoy Yun Kan's chili paste with clear soup noodles,
The chili taste even more spicy this way!

Cindy's Rating: 7

By the way, I'm leaving for Chicago soon,
My friend said there's this foie gras hot dogs place over there,
Will definitely write about it here!

Yun Kan Beef Noodles 永康牛肉麵 (original location)
Number. 17, Alley. 31, Section. 2, Kin San South Road, Taipei
(02) 2351-1051


  1. Nice noodles! All the dishes look so scrumptious. I remember making some spareribs with the thing they used to steam the intestines. Very interesting thing!

    I wonder how long they have been pickling the vegetables in the pot. So large!

  2. To Eat Travel Eat~
    Yeah the powder thing for the ribs right? I don't steam food at home, otherwise I'm so gonna try the intestine thing here! Love it!

  3. This makes me miss Taiwan so much!


  4. To Ivan~
    Planning on any trips lately? Maybe have an Asia trip?

  5. No, unfortunately! I'm in the middle of my grad program in counseling psychology, as well as working on paintings, so I'm stuck in the U.S. for a while!

    I would love to visit Taiwan, Japan, France, Italy, and Ireland someday soon (maybe in a couple of years).

    You'll just have to travel and eat for me! :)

  6. To Tigerfish~
    Thank you!! Love the sunshine but not the dry air!