Jun 2, 2010

Failed Tarts Plus...See You Guys in Taiwan!

Quick post here before I need to leave in a hurry to catch my flight back to Taiwan,
Here it is, my failed blueberry tart -

One important lesson learned from this trial and error result,
Never ever get lazy while baking stuff!

Point 1:
I was too lazy to let the frozen pastry thawed completely before use.
As a result, I got a chuck of baked flour instead of separate crunchy layers.

Point 2:
I didn't use pie weights, ended up with big round bad tasting dough.

Point 3:
I premade the sauce and waited for too long,
Ended up the sauce was too runny.

Point 4:
Too lazy to make the syrup to brush on top of the berries...so it's not shiny and pretty..

Either way,
Please look forward for some good eats and restaurant reviews from Taiwan!


  1. hey, wish you a nice stay!
    looking forward to your reviews.

  2. Have fun on your trip! It's interesting how puff pastry can act up like this but the green onion pancakes that you find in the freezer never have problems even if you cook them frozen.

  3. To A Funky Place~
    Thank you~! Just got home (Taiwan), exhausted!

    To Eat Travel Eat~
    Ha yeah, no more laziness while baking pastries in the future!