Jun 5, 2010

"Healthful" Chocolate Wafer Sticks from Taiwan

Imagine constraining yourself inside a tiny space where you can't even fully stretch out your legs for 13 hours,
Yes, 13 hours straight! That's how long my flight was from California to Taiwan,
Well, I shouldn't even be complaining because the guy next to me had even longer flight,
After 13 hours from CA to Taiwan,
This plane ride mate has to wait for another transfer flight from Taiwan to Thailand,
Seriously, I don't know how he can do it,
Or how can his back or neck do it,
Mine was as stiff as a wooden chopping board after 13 hours.

My initial intention was to show you some restaurant reviews from Taiwan,
Yet this long-haul flight has brought another side effect to me - jet lag, which made my restaurant reviews plan...impossible.

And my poor mom,
She has to drag me out of the bed every night since I started to fall sleep around 6 p.m.,
You know what time is it as I first start writing up this blog post? 5 a.m.!
My sleeping schedule is all messed up.

As a result,
I'm currently not capable of going out to enjoy some good food and sharing that with you,
What can I say,
I really don't wanna fall asleep and land my face on the plate during dinner.

But! But luckily there're some wafer sticks at home that I can share with you first,
Let's just start out with this popular snack in Taiwan before I can dine at the restaurants without getting my face stick with veggies and meat?

Wafer sticks -

Flavors from right to left:
Chocolate, strawberry, brown sugar, peanut, sweet milk, and coffee.

Somehow people over here are crazy about these wafer sticks,
You can't even find them in a store or supermarket,
The only way to get it is through phone orders.
Since there's a limited capacity regarding the production volume,
Sometimes the wait can take up to months after placing the order.

Name-wise, it's called "healthful."
I'm guessing, partly is due to the meaning of "health,"
And partly is due to its pronunciation,
Healthful sounds a wee bit like "black chef" in Chinese,
Healthful = Hei Shi Fu = Hei (Black): Shi Fu (Chef, or master chef).

Chocolate wafer sticks -

So how come I get to enjoy 6 buckets of wafer sticks earlier than other people?
Well well well, connection is key,
My dad's friend knows someone from "Healthful" so we get to have these snacks right after placing the order.
Called that unfair? Nah.

I haven't open the other ones besides the chocolate flavored wafer sticks,
It's not as sweet as the ones you find from both Taiwanese and American grocery stores,
And the texture is more "condensed" instead of "crunchy, and fluffy."
Not bad at all!

Now I gonna keep my fingers crossed the whole time that my jet lag can go away faster,
I need to stay awake while enjoying my spicy hot pot, fried chicken, and all other yummy good eats!!

Healthful Wafer Sticks


  1. no wonder people like those snacks.
    the website makes me hungry.

  2. This is totally beautiful. Congrats on Top 9. GREG

  3. Ohh, interesting. Taiwanese food is probably as far as your could come from Swedish food. We can learn from each other :D

  4. To A Funky Place~
    Haha I'm restraining myself to 10 sticks a day!

    To Sippity Sup~
    Thank you so much! Come visit once a while if you're free!

    To Linn~
    Yeah, hopefully I can find more "foreign-influenced" food around here!

  5. You are lucky. There is a direct flight from CA to TW. For me, I just flew more than 13 hrs!

  6. To Tigerfish~
    How long is your flight? I hope one day I can make a lot of $$ so I can fly business class haha

  7. whoa, i just stumbled across your blog (via google search for smith & hsu)--and i'm from irvine, too! i'm in taiwan for study abroad...

    anyhow, i've seen those wafers, and my friends keep telling me to try them sometime!

  8. To Lin~
    Wow small world, where are you from originally? Smith and Hsu is good, especially the scones, remember to make reservation! One bad thing is that they have time limit though (must try the scones, and the butter!)

  9. i am from Irvine originally...ABT :) thanks for the rec, i will probably stop by there this Friday!

  10. To Lin~
    Wow I'm from Irvine too! Small small world!

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